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Jay Sachdev, Knot-Eye: back-end, programming, consulting, server maintenance, hand-holding

Sean Rhorer, The New Language: download code system

The current site was created by a small army of people. It is updated by the current staff and interns constantly. Here are some of the people who have been involved with creating this site:

Project management, content creation, html: Uli Elser, Jesse Townley, and Dave Adelson
Programming, back-end, server maintenance: Mike Limon/Standard Media, Patrick Hynes, Dan Holliman

Design, encoding, graphics: Fabian Posada, Josh Baker, Jason Rosenberg
Content creation & production over the years: Richard Gatmaitan, Uli Elser, Maiko Hara, Alison Mc Bride, Jesse Townley, Matt Harvey, George Chen, Jared Power, Niffer Desmond, Josh Baker, Michelle Steinberg, Dave Adelson, and many many others.

These people created our original website in 1998 from scratch and hosted it for free: Mark Belanger, Adam Margulies, Chris Graber and Josh Baker at Fluid
Our current website utilizes lots of the original content that was created by the Fluid staff. Thanks for all or your work and help! (They were assisted by: Alicia, Amy, Brianna, Joel, Josh, Olivier)

Website Inquiries: technical, marketing, partnering, suggestions, complaints, etc - web at

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