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Me. Ow.
To get to the point, this band fucking rules! The Darts are a garage-psych-rock band made up of 4 badass musicians from Phoenix and Los Angeles. They come out swinging with their first full length album, Me. Ow., to prove it all. Guaranteed to make your head slam and your feet shake. We love this band and you will too!
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DWC1093 (2017)  LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00
Solar Power - Live
Recorded at 2015's Surplus Festival in South Wales on an entirely solar-powered stage, this first live release by CS mixes old classics and brand new songs
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Fish54 (2017)  CD - $8.00
value015 BLATZ / FILTH
Shit Split LIVE LP deal!
To celebrate the spiky-haired symmetry of both East Bay Punk Bands putting out different LIVE LPs on limited color vinyl, we're bundling both and saving you $10! You'll receive:
-FILTH - Live at Gilman Feb 28 1992 Smoke-colored vinyl
-BLATZ - Mike Montano Oxblood vinyl
Both albums' beneficiaries (Berkeley Needle Exchange & 924 Gilman) will still get their full donation too!
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value015 (2017)  Value LP Pack! - $30.00
filth001 FILTH
Live at Gilman Feb 28 1992
Brand New! Now you can "Walk Through The FILTH" in this time machine back to February 1992, live at the legendary 924 Gilman Street! This 8-song 45 RPM 12" includes 8 spiky East Bay punk classics and proceeds go to the Berkeley Needle Exchange. 500 copies on smoke-colored vinyl! We have very few copies!
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filth001 (2017)  LP - $15.00
zafio50208 BLATZ
Mike Montano
Limited to 502 Black Vinyl & 524 Oxblood Vinyl, this will NEVER be repressed! BLATZ reunited in 2013 to raise $ for Mike/FILTH to fight cancer. This is the ENTIRE BLATZ set- 14 songs- in front of a huge crowd at 924 Gilman in Berkeley. $10 from every sale goes to 924 Gilman!
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zafio50208 (2016)  LP - $20.00 |  Oxblood LP - $20.00
Oh, The Places You'll Go Wrong
While SHIRTS-OFF PARTY PUNK makes its comeback at each passing, these boys are relentles with their PANTS-OFF tom-foolery. If you're into fun, slightly wacky, Weird Al-old metal-punk-rockage, you have found heaven. The Love Songs "Oh, the Places You'll Go Wrong", is the inaugural release by 1986'd Music Industries and features hard hitting yet delightful tracks that display musical dexterity and wonderful humor.
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KIK16014 (2016)  CD - $12.00 |  LP - $15.00
A Tribute To Black Oak Arkansas
"Mutants Of The Monster" is a double album tribute to 1970's Arena Rock legends Black Oak Arkansas. Joecephus & The George Jonestown Massacre provide rock hard backing to the guest vocalists and instrumentalists that appear on the record breathing new life and energy into BOA's classic catalog on this breathtaking gatefold Double LP!
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sexi604 (2016)  2xLP - $22.00
The Art of Murder
BRAND NEW blistering punk and rock based on the Hannibal Lecter book series from East Bay maniacs plus Dale from THE MELVINS!
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sw014 (2016)  CD - $12.00 |  Oxblood LP - $16.00
Heroes Vol. 1
40 Years, 40 Heroes, including WESLEY WILLIS on JELLO BIAFRA! This 2xCD is a set of Rough Trade's favourite songs about other musicians, all of which were released in the 40 years since the legendary store & label Rough Trade first opened its doors in 1976.
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rther1 (2016)  2xCD - $15.00
Send Help/Hold On To The Sky
Hot off the presses! Our friends at Valley King/Secret Serpents present a beautiful package by Alan Forbes that surrounds 2 intense tracks by AT's PINS OF LIGHT and 1/2 of MELVINS band BIG BUSINESS! These are limited to 300 on black vinyl!
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vkr724 (2016)  7" - $10.00 - temp. unavailable
8 blistering new tracks from San Francisco's finest purveyor of skin-melting speed and mind-altering psyche! Ever wonder what Motorhead mixed with the Heads would sound like? Now we know thanks to this brilliant followup to their Alternative Tentacles debut "II" Brand new on limited Blue & Black Splattered Vinyl!
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sap077 (2016)  LP - $14.00
Drone Life
Released in April of 2014, these are aggressive tunes for people who are sick of sticking a fake smile on their face and pretending everything is just a-okay.
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ATU001 (2014)  7"+download - $5.00 - temp. unavailable
This dutch power trio from Groningen, created their own unique form of crossover thrash metalcore rock. The name is like a good conversation amongst Neanderthals, it's primitive, it's raw, it's straight from the cave! This is their first self-titled LP, which was released on 12" vinyl (including free bonus-CD).
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Uhg001 (2015)  LP + CD - $12.00
The Enemy of Everyone
The Enemy of Everyone is a nine song jaunt with songs about being annoyed and accidentally selling your soul while on a drinking bender. It has the Replicator muscle, the Mount Vicious weirdness and the V&A pop sensibility.
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sw013 (2016)  CD - $12.00 |  Baby Blue LP - $15.00
active026 CITIZEN FISH
Dancing On Spikes
From our good friends at Bluurg Records and Active Distribution comes the killer CD-EP of U.K. ska/punk antiheroes Citizen Fish! Released on the Czech Republic label, PHR, the 13 track LP includes the CD-EP version plus 7 addition live tracks recorded live at Bremen B.O.B Fest 2009.
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active026 (2012)  CDEP - $8.00 - temp. unavailable |  LP - $12.00 - temp. unavailable
active011 ZOUNDS
The Curse of Zounds Discography
This classic innovative U.K. anarcho-punk band actually started in 1977 and released some crucial 7-inches & their sole LP, "Curse of Zounds." Bringing their far-ranging tastes to the close-knit anarcho-punk scene of Crass, The Mob, Poison Girls, they are a truly astounding band.
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active011 (2008)  CD - $10.00
Carniceria Tropical
Brazil's finest hardcore outfit are back - and more intense than ever! This was the 1st RDP record AT put out, and it's a thrashy throwback to their early years. The band has just reissued it based on the original AT artwork!
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pec048 (2014)  CD - $16.00
Party Animal
Oakland, CA's Party Animal have been annihilating the U.S. tour circuit on a regular basis, and now they finally have a record to bring with them! A 19-song punk ripper of a debut, featuring humor-laden classics such as "Inappropriate Boner," "Beer Truck On Fire," and the 5-second masterwork "Waiting For The Coke To Kick In." Features Kool A.D. of Das Racist and members of New Earth Creeps!
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pa001 (2013)  LP - $10.00 - temp. unavailable
tc028 GHOUL
We Came For The Dead!!! & Maniaxe
Tankcrimes Records has made the world an infinitely more brutal place with this CD compiling the first two offal-encrusted offerings from Oakland's (er, we mean Creepsylvania's) Ghoul into one easy-to-devour package! Two already classic(k) records, spanning 19 tracks and featuring such festering hits as "Rot Gut," "Numbskull," and "Suspicious Chunks"! Rumored to harbor known fugitives who also did time in Dystopia, Phobia, Ludicra, and many more!
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tc028 (2012)  CD - $12.00
antigoth111 DISFORTERROR
Impalement And Holocaust Stench
The maniacs that make up the mighty Brazilian Disforterror play brutal death metal in the style of early Krisiun meets "Gods of War"-era Blasphemy. Cover artwork by Daniel Self-Desecrator. Double-sided 11"x17" poster included as well.
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antigoth111 (2013)  10" vinyl - $12.00
Levy On The Eyeway
Finally back in stock! Fronting the madness of Loto Ball Show is Phantom Limb's vocalist Loto Ball (go figure!), accompanied by seven other derelicts of mayhem, twisting keyboards, sax, electronics and more into a uniquely spicy jambalaya! The LP combines their previous CD-EP along with five new ones. Comes with a free mp3 download of the entire album!
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gcv002 (2008)  LP - $12.00
3 tracks over the course of an hour. A crushing monolith of amplifier destruction in the vein of Sunn, Earth, Corrupted, Skullflower, Boris, old Swans and the like. Features Campbell Kneale of Birchville Cat Motel. Comes in a digipak!
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spin001 (2005)  CD - $10.00
smooch009 LILIUM
Short Stories
Now 50% off! "Short Stories", the second album from Lilium, is a co-operation between Pascal Humbert and Jean-Yves Tola from Sixteen Horsepower. It features guest appearances from David Eugene Edwards (making a full Sixteen Horsepower lineup for a song) & Billy Conway (Morphine). This Smooch repress also includes a bonus dvd of "Short Stories" mixed in surround sound! A prettier (though still spare) sensibility permeates "Short Stories"- along with (gasp!) vocals. Another milestone in the epic 16 HP/Woven Hand story!
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smooch009 (2007)  CD + DVD - $7.00 ($14.00 list)
In Hades
Eccentric, melodic, driving hardcore punk from NYC. (Members of: I Farm, Basement Black, Four Deadly Questions)!
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dbr094 (2013)  LP - $10.00
The World's Lousy With Ideas (Vol. 8)
The 8th installment of The World's Lousy presents itself as a 12", and it contains all of your favourite artists! Seriously, this volume is like a who's who of the scene's best talent. Vivian Girls, Blank Dogs, Times New Viking, Intelligence, Guinea Worms, Sic Alps, Thee Oh Sees, Tyvek and Pink Reason all lend an original, unreleased track. Grab this one today! (Note: LP jacket art varies from copy to copy; not necessarily the one pictured!)
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arr012 (2013)  LP - $10.00
exist116 AMEBIX
The first recorded output from U.K. crusties Amebix in over 20 years! There's three tracks on this, each previously released: "Arise," "Winter," and "Chain Reaction." Blisteringly tight, with all the ferocity you've come to expect.
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exist116 (2010)  CD - $10.00
hc5007 VITAMIN X
Down The Drain
Mixing the late 80's SE hardcore style with fast-core speed and power. More political SE lyrics, many dealing with the battle of the individual against conformist society. Totally ripping thrash start to finish with enough hooks and rocking choruses to keep it from turning into a total whirlwind of chaos. These guys absolutely rage live and can turn even the smallest show into a devastating thrash zone.
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hc5007 (2013)  CD - $10.00
European Idol
Prostitutes were a cult band from Turin (the italian motor city) that released only few tracks on vinyl and some demo tapes. The sound of the band was inspired by Velvet Underground, 70's decadent rock and UK new wave. This is their definitive anthology that contains their best tracks recorded between 1982-84, studio and live stuff. A wonderful picture of the 'dark' side of the golden era of the italian style!
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ss003 (2013)  LP - $14.00 - temp. unavailable
active020 CONTEMPT
Who Needs Diplomacy?
U.K. veteran Anarcho-Street Punks Contempt hit you straight in the teeth with their full length 2008 CD. This album manages extremely well to merge different punk styles together smoothly, with songs ranging from 80's hardcore to old school Oi! ala' The Business, and anti-establishment lyrics up there with Conflict. If you love classic, chanty, straight-up Punk Rock you will love Contempt and Who Needs Diplomacy!
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active020 (2010)  CD - $10.00
Whether it's mass corporate consumption, anti-socialism and homophobia, or just general ignorace, Fish Karma's "American" lyrically sums up just about everything wrong with the Good Ole U$A - and more! Flip this puppy over to get treated to Al Perry's unique take on this American classic. Transluscent red vinyl! First single from the band's Lethal Fairy Tales on A.T.!
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sr102 (2012)  7" - $4.00
You Can't Blow Up A Social Relationship
Six tracks apiece from political avant-punkers Resident Genius, and historian/activist exemplar Howard Zinn. The 6 Zinn excerpts are somewhat of a greatest hits of his speeches recorded over the last 15 years by Roger Leisner of Radio Free Maine. Resident Genius provide a quirky mix of punk, power-pop, jangly melody and politics. A unique, thought-provoking pairing to say the least!
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thk109 (2012)  CD - $12.00
active012 S.O.R.B.
Germ Attack
Hailing from South East UK, S.O.R.B. is an exploding grindy Punk/Metal 5-piece outfit going as far back as 1989. Their 2004 full length CD Germ Attack is a combination of re-recorded songs the band had recorded on demos in their early days, as well as newly written songs. Anyone who likes a little neo-heavy metal mixed with their punk should check this out.
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active012 (2010)  CD - $10.00
No Violence plays deranged HC punk with crossover influences, mashing it all into a coherent hurricane of sound. 17 tracks in 14 minutes, with no time for smoke breaks in between, N.V. exude conviction and energy through every song on here. If you're a fan of Brazilian punk or fast-as-fuck Swedish HC, you should start spare-changing now!
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cfg007 (2005)  CD - $10.00
Absurd Pop Song Romance
Pansy's final Lookout Records release is fuller, darker, more pop, and more rock than their previous studio recordings. As of this record, Pansy Division is a rock band that's gay. The lyrical approach has become more general and universal, without losing the context of the band's founding ideals. OK, we dare to use the "m" word--it's more mature. Still, it's the poppiest record Steve Albini's ever recorded. Direct from the band's personal stock!
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lk198 (2006)  CD - $10.00
Letters From the Landfill
This Is My Fist, Shotwell, Abandon, and The Peels are here to bring back the spirit of 89'....lets leave 88' to the hardcore kids. Classic Bay Area punk rock with a good dose of both the POP and the PUNK represented here- including the only recording from Jake FILTH's short-lived band Abandon! Featuring a stellar cover by world famous artist Patrick Hynes, this comp is the feel good comp of 2004.
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lotd004 (2004)  LP - $10.00 - temp. unavailable
Rybi Tuk
After the departure of their sax player, Uz Jsme Doma released this great return to form, "Rybi Tuk" ("Cod Liver Oil") in 2003! Started in 1985 in the former Czechoslovakia, Uz Jsme Doma has been churning out quirky, tweaked out art-rock with a strong Czech twist ever since!
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mam216 (2005)  CD - $16.00
Life's Trade
Ultra-heavy doom with harsh, alcohol-soaked vocals coupled with a somber melodic sense. Departing from the tired tropes of the overused, weepy Euro-doom tradition, the sounds here are distinctly Midwestern, soulful and blues-inflected. Haunting songs shimmering with desperation, hopelessness and pain.
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spin024 (2012)  CD - $10.00
The music of San Francisco's Shotwell harkens back to that magical time in the Bay Area scene when pop-punk and driving melody ruled supreme. Not surprising, considering they've been around for over fifteen years, constantly playing shows and recording new material. This, their debut full length, is rockingly tuneful, upbeat punk, and with 19 tracks you'll be sure to get your fill!
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thr010 (2008)  CD - $9.00
Killer LP debut from Oakland, California's Myth Of Progress. Ex-Cheap Dates, this is unabashedly political hc/crust at its finest, delivering twelve searing tracks denouncing prison conditions, international borders, and apathetic punx alike!
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myth001 (2007)  LP - $8.00 - temp. unavailable
Shut The Fuck Up And Listen! Vol. VI
Presenting to you Shut The Fuck Up And Listen! Vol. VI, a 7" providing 10-tracks of "Museum Quality Art". This puppy here is filled with some aggressive in your face punk rock, as well a spoken word at the end by Jello Biafra. This time the cover art was done by Washington States youngest tattoo artist Zachary Campion. Here is the full list of contributors: Toe Tag, Gutter Gourmet, Potbelly, Freak In a Jar, Anticulture, Wilt Chamberlin's Baby, Pile Of Maggot Infested Viscera, Chump Change, 7YOBG, Jello Biafra backed w/ music by Infra ED. Grab a copy today!
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pig666 (2013)  7" - $4.00
Rik L Rik
Another fine release from Resurrection Records, featuring Cat Party and La Corde! Each band does a Rik L Rik cover on the A Side, and an original on the B Side. The B Side starts off with Cat Party's "Reflection Or Illusion." It has a great dark, surfy vibe to it. The record comes to a finish with La Corde's original, "Signals." It takes on an intense approach to their already perfect post-punk sound. Maroon vinyl and free digital download!
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rr007 (2012)  7" - $4.00
Astonishing return from this legendary French band from 2006- 12 new songs packaged in a beautiful illustrated digipack as a book. Mix cynical hope, of childish spontaneity and of an always enraged sincerity, and a whole lot of that ol' Noir magic!
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fzm021 (2008)  CD - $12.00
hc5018 VITAMIN X
Bad Trip
Titanic Third LP from Amsterdam Hollands Vitamin X. This is their strongest material since the People That Bleed 7. Rampaging fast hardcore in the style of Lifes Halt, DS 13, Tear It up and No Justice. The blazing speed and power are broken here and there by charged up heavy riffs that show guitarist Marcs longstanding inspiration from 70s hard rock. While there are a lot of bands mixing 70s rock and hardcore right now Vitamin X does so in a fashion that doesnt tone down or slow down their high energy hardcore attack. The burly rock riffs merely add to the tension and power of the thrash onslaught to come.
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hc5018 (2013)  CD - $10.00
Audio Ransom Note
Coming at you like the unholy love child of AC/DC and TSOL, The Frisk seize the reins of rock and drive the horses of hell straight outta Berkeley. Featuring members of AFI, The Criminals, Loose Change, Blatz, The Nerve Agents, and The Gr'ups, this full-length is a little bit darker than their debut 8-song ep "Rank Restraint." A balls-out tribute to the gods of rock and roll, this is Punk Rock with an emphasis on the "Rock"! Features Jesse Luscious the Mail Male.
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ar030 (2003)  CD - $10.00
We See Monsters
Street Eaters are a toughie to nail down. They have an awesome discordancy vs. melody battle going on - the bass has that "muddy/clean" combination that's damn hard to describe unless you hear it. No guitar worship here (actually no guitar at all!), just bassist and drummer that both sing. Comparisons are tough with this Berkeley band; just know that it's catchy, raw, and fun (though not all the lyrics are so lighthearted!)
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bak024 (2010)  CDEP - $6.00 |  12"EP - $10.00
The UK's Left For Dead have been shelling out political punk tunes since '96, and this, their newest, continues their tradition of pissed, oldskool punk rock with gruff vocals and ripping instrumentation!
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dead004 (2009)  CD - $10.00
Berlin's Lies Feed The Machine pummel out 10 songs of encrusted brutality, taking cues from the early d-beat pioneers as well as more modern melodic acts. While Born/Dead and Appalachian Terror Unit come immediately to mind, there's something unique in the way they combine the disparate influences.
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shc003 (2007)  LP - $12.00
active200 LIBERTY
Just Talking Reality
Almost 20 years have passed and South East London activist rock n' rollers Liberty have finally graced this world with their second full length album "Just Talking Reality." The band once again delivers their powerful, societally challenging lyrics with catchy riffs, well-rounded production, and a heavy, english street punk influence!
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active200 (2011)  CD - $10.00
ctr001 ZEGOTA
First off all, this album looks great- you can feel the love that the Crimethinc folks put into it! Musically diverse, they careen from 2-3 minute melodic ragers to haunting atmospheric piano dirges and back again without warning, subjugating you to a highly enjoyable audio rollercoaster of an album!
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ctr001 (2010)  CD - $10.00
Dead Mountain Mouth
Here's the debut full-length from Poughkeepsie, NY's 3-piece Genghis Tron, a masterfully complex union of eclectic grind, beat driven electronica, and imaginative speedcore. Characterized by psychotic tempo changes and surprisingly cohesive genre-meandering, these ten tracks are sure to send your brain synapses into a lysergic feeding frenzy! Pick it up today!
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cbr053 (2006)  CD - $10.00
A New World Odor
The Dehumanizers began playing in Queens, New York in 1982 then reformed in Seattle in 1984. Songs like "Pig Pharma," and "Thwack," showcase their talent. They are going strong today after numerous releases and appearances on compilations. Deep Throat's Dead Kennedy's-esque sound rocks on tracks like "The Terror Politics," and "No More Lies," fitting perfectly with The Dehumanizers on this great split!
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pig011 (2013)  CD - $10.00
Revolution...I Think It's Called INSPIRATION
Despite their rather short lifespan in the mid-90's, Richmond, VA's Inquisition was lauded as a creative whirlwind whose influence is still being felt today. Energetic and forceful music not afraid of delving into the realm of politics, this re-issued classic features members of Strike Anywhere, Ann Beretta, and River City High!
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af0044 (2009)  CD - $10.00
Welcome Idiots
Italian indie rockers Go Down Moses play an infectious blend of indie rock, post punk, and keyboard-driven pop on their second release. Reminiscent of a less prog-influenced Mars Volta, they also bring to mind The Death Of Anna Karina and At The Drive-In. Hypnotic and enchanting, this is sure to lull you into a melodic stupor in no time!
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pzs021 (2009)  CD - $10.00
A split of epic proportions by two maniacal Scottish hordes! No less than nine labels co-released this monstrosity, and it also happens to be some of the best material either band has put out til now. Filthpact is up first with 8 dark, grindy crusty hardcore tracks, sounding a bit like a mash-up of Phobia, Nausea (N.Y.C.), and Doom. Next up is Atomgevitter, laying down their fast as hell, manic hardcore/thrash hybrid attack.
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active000 (2011)  CD - $12.00
life040 DYSTOPIA
The final Dystopia LP is now out! This record contains 6 new tracks, plus a cover of an unreleased song by Dino's old band CARCINOGEN. This record is the last chapter of Dystopia's existence writing bleak and heavy doom-ridden punk. Both formats include a 20 page full color booklet and the vinyl is pressed on cool clear vinyl! Unstoppable!
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life040 (2009)  CD - $10.00
Shout It In
"Shout It In" incorporates an obsessively catchy beat with killer meandering bass and pop hooks galore. A little rock, a tinge of rap, and just a smidgen of jazz combine sounds that could only exemplify the two-piece. Just try putting this on and not dance! The B-Side features a remix of the already classic song, reworked by none other than the illustrious Aesop Rock! Limited to 300 copies.
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cbm011 (2011)  7" - $5.00
The Slow Decay
Like cavemen with calculators, this Lawrence Kansas trio weld an angular prog attack to headcrushing sludge rock. The result is a combo of imaginative musicianship and a thorough ass whuppin'!
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cbr042 (2004)  CD - $10.00
life029 LE SCRAWL
Eager To Please
More eclectic freak out grind from Germany's Le Scrawl. This newest installment continues Le Scrawl's proud tradition of sonic debauchery: grind mixed with ska, jazz and all things weird- along with a stronger metal influence in both songwriting and production than their first LIA release. This band embodies the ugly underbelly of the new millenium!
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life029 (2004)  CD - $10.00
Two blazing Brazilian bands kick out the jams! Solsticio are more mosh-heavy metallic hardcore with 'mid-tempo fast parts,' while Larusso kicks it warp-speed-thrash style!
More Info...
caus002 (2007)  CD - $10.00
Bez Ohnu Je Underground
Late recording from a reunion concert at the Roxy in Prague of the earliest PPU live-up, including Hlavsa, Kabes, Janicek, Jiri Stevich, Pavel Zeman and Jaroslav Vozniak. The set includes several originals and several inimitable covers.
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tam017 (2004)  CD - $10.00
split cd
This is a rad split CD featuring two of NY and NJ's finest straight up, straight forward hardcore bands. Kill Your Idols offer up two more anthems that will have you singing along and feeling positive about hardcore in no time at all. Full Speed Ahead, which features Mike from Lord Sterling, also offers up two convincing originals, and one cover by the Big Boys. If these six songs of pure sincerity doesn't renew and reinvigorate your faith in hardcore punk rock, then I doubt anything ever will.
More Info...
hbr001 (2005)  CDEP - $9.00
Anejo 16 Anos
Here's a best-of cd the last 16 years from everyone's favorite Italian anti-fascist oi, punk, & ska band! Added to long-time sizzlers like "Antifa Hooligans" "Ya Basta" "3-Tone" "Non Sarai Mai Solo" are two previously unreleased, absolutely stellar, ska covers of the Angelic Upstarts "Solidarity" and Cock Sparrar "We're Coming Back."
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mbr108 (2007)  CD - $10.00
Bound For The Gates Of Hell
Mixing raucous folk-Americana with arty-farty eclecticism, Rube Waddell are a fun, strange bunch from the San Francisco Bay Area. Their latest scrap heap, Bound for the Gates of Hell, will rub your face in loose-limbed tuba-inflected grunge like you've never heard before. Bound for the Gates of Hell settles for a distorted lo-fi folksy clatter, heavily larded with genre-jumping excursions into Javanese dangdut and Irish reels.
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vac029 (2001)  CD - $10.00
Drunk Women And Sexual Water
This 79-minute epic displays Hakola's finely-honed poetic sensibilities through its fourteen tracks of haunting love/hate songs written in both English and French, enlisting the help of a bevy of musicians along the way. This band is related to Sixteen Horsepower. We have very limited copies of this super-rare European import!
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war001 (2007)  CD - $14.00
Gassy Jack And Other Tales
Canada. Land of beautiful forests, decent healthcare, ham called bacon, and Nardwuar & The Evaporators! They're back with a new album chock full of garage influenced power pop absurdity! Plus a bonus interview between Courtney Love and Nardwuar, as well as eight Evaporators music videos. A great follow-up to their AT epic "Ripple Rock"- Canadian Import!
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mrd110 (2007)  CD - $16.00
Spaceheater / Perfect Interior
Collected here are husband and wife duo The Goslings' first two EPs, which were originally released in extremely limited edition CD-Rs. The Spaceheater 4-track EP starts things off with "In May," a twelve minute epic of droning mastery sure to have you nodding your head in approval - painfully slowly of course. The rest parlays between distortion-infused fuzzery, non-instrumental sounds (are those cicadas?), and a hodgepodge of weird, seemingly unrelated elements combining into one hell of a decadent head trip!
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cbr051 (2007)  CD - $10.00
The Game of Futbol
Fleshies fun project between A.T. albums : 6 new songs not on either A.T. album. This is released on Adeline Records. 14 and a half minutes o' punque melodics in the form of a "concept ep" dealing with the game of Futbol...
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ar021 (2002)  CDEP - $8.00
Bruna Surfistinha Soundtrack
Soundtrack for the Brazilian flick "Bruna Surfistinha," based on the story of a girl raised by an upper class family who goes on to become a call girl at age 17. The soundtrack features Rica Amabis, The Zombies, A.T.'s own The Flaming Stars and more! Hell, even Radiohead makes an appearance!
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emi001 (2011)  CD - $8.00 ($12.00 list)
From the Dumpster To The Grave
The 3rd release from NYC squatter punk royalty! Stza (Leftover Crack) and friends- including Boots Riley of The Coup- rip through 12 songs that unexpectedly include several genres including punk, ska, hip hop, metal, and folk, all wrapped in a hardcore shell. Intertwined male and female vocals harmonize and shriek over some of the crunchiest guitars ever recorded, culminating in massive crescendos of explosive sound.
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fat769 (2011)  CD - $10.00
The Million Sounds of Black
On The Million Sounds of Black, the Weegs return to Hungry Eye with a second full length of tripped out distorto-skronk. They take their craggly claw, latch onto early American punk/ post-punk and California no wave, and drag them kicking and screaming into the 21st century.
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eye10 (2007)  LP - $10.00
fat727 DEAD TO ME
Little Brother
San Francisco faves release an incredible 5-song ep that is just as rockin' and heartfelt as their debut full-length "Cuban Ballerina" back in 2006. Featuring ex-One Man Army folks, this band is one of the best melodic punk bands around! The 12" includes a mp3 download card.
More Info...
fat727 (2008)  CDEP - $6.00
dcj012 TRUSTY
It's a special 20th Anniversary Demo Edition of Little Rock/DC punk band Trusty! This is their 1st demo and you can hear the raw pieces of the band that went on to release some stunning records on Dischord, DeSoto, & Truant in the 1990s.
More Info...
dcj012 (2008)  CD - $10.00
Musica Pra Guerra
It's the unstoppable 3rd CD from Brazil's legendary thrashers! This does not let up in the ferocity and anger that Discarga, a three-piece, is known for world wide. Straightforward socio-political band bring fastcore played with rage, from current & ex-Ratos De Porao! Limited copies in stock!
More Info...
625214 (2008)  CD - $10.00
The Infernal Command
Seventeen fast metallic ragers from the mighty Voetsek, mixing Bay Area fastcore/power violence (Spazz, Capitalist Casualities) and Bay Area thrash metal (Vio-lence, Death Angel). The sound is more developed and metal sounding while the songs are definitely more thought out compared to previous recordings, but the result is still the same high energy fastcore/thrash. Features ex/current members of Deadfall, Population Reduction, The Dread and more!
More Info...
tc026 (2012)  LP - $10.00
Spirit Of The West
An early punk sound more on the 'arty' side of the fence (ala Husker Du or Wire - the vocalist actually sings, maaaaan) permeates the debut full-length from one of San Francisco's best loved bands! The music floats through jangly, feel-good guitar based parts, straight into driving, angry buildups at the drop of a hat, leaving the listener pleasantly perplexed and craving more. Members of Child Pornography, Saboteurs, and Duchesses!
More Info...
zum032 (2012)  LP + DOWNLOAD - $10.00
Hobo Train
Mixing raucous folk-Americana with arty-farty eclecticism, Rube Waddell are a fun, strange bunch from the San Francisco Bay Area. This is their 1996 debut 12", beefed up with 7 bonus tracks!
More Info...
vac027 (2001)  CD - $10.00
Prisoner Support Benefit Compilation
Prisoner of War is an important compilation for a great cause whose proceeds will support various prisoner support groups! Twenty two different bands contributed to make this happen!
More Info...
freejj (2013)  CD - $10.00
The Urge To Kill
First full length studio effort from notorious East Bay turn of the century hardcore fixtures New Earth Creeps who regularly assaulted their audiences ears and eyes from 1999 until 2011.This eclectic mix of styles shows off their sense of humor and refusal to take themselves too seriously as well as their ability to play hardcore punk as well if not better than their contemporaries. The greatest band you've never heard of - now on vinyl!
More Info...
cod005 (2009)  CD - $10.00
Rank Restraint
The Frisk features members of Blatz, The Criminals, The Gr'ups, The Nerve Agents, and A.F.I., punk rockin' it out on this incredible debut EP. Eight raging songs from this all-star line-up, including a co-written song with Jesse Michaels/Operation Ivy and an updated version of The Clash "Know Your Rights"! This features Jesse Luscious the Mail Male. Hard-to-find!
More Info...
ar018 (2001)  CD - $8.00
pec017 MY OWN LIES / Y
Tough Guys Save The World... To Death!
This split cd features 2 of Finland's best ultrafastcore bands- Y and My Own Lies! Combining elements of hardcore punk, crust, powerviolence, grind, and more, this kicks butt!
More Info...
pec017 (2005)  CD - $10.00
adf001 SKARP
Bury Your Dead
Seattle's own blackout grind specialists Skarp blast through 11 songs of brutal hardcore/grind. By mixing a variety of musical influences, "Bury Your Dead" stands tall among its crusty peers in originality yet switches up their sound enough to keep you from getting bored.
More Info...
adf001 (2005)  CD - $10.00
Oh Tannenbaum
X-Beliebig was founded in Wiener Neustadt in 1980 by 17-year olds Rene Adamecz (guitars/vocals) and Franz Heuschneider (bass), as well as Bernd Bechtloff (drums), who had just turned 13 years old at the time! The primary musical focus was at first German-language punk, although none of the musicians considered themselves punk rockers. In the spring of 1981 a cassette recording was recorded for the Panza-Platte label, and the single Leben ist Blut / Illusionen (english: Life is Blood / Illusions) was recorded in the summer of 1981.
More Info...
eps009 (2013)  LP - $14.00
dez001 SUBTERA
Brazil's own Subtera ("underground" in Esperanto) have been kicking around for damn near a decade now, and certainly haven't mellowed with age. Here's 10 tracks of blistering downtuned death metal, lyrically dealing with acid rain, warmongering, and of course, apocalypse.
More Info...
dez001 (2007)  CD - $10.00
aut002 DEBRIS
Debris completely took me by surprise (with the foosball artwork, I was expecting some indy garage rockers still living at their parent's house,) but this riiiiiiiips! 10 tracks of hatefilled melodic HC, pissed vocals, and driving guitar and drum work.
More Info...
aut002 (2005)  LP - $9.00
split release
ASUNDER is a doom metal band from Oakland, CA that belt out thick, heavy, slow jams of monstrous proportions: 2 songs of crushing thunderous doom, with sullen guitar hooks and gargantuan vocals. The "short" tune on this side is 9 minutes long! LIKE FLIES ON FLESH from Ft. Worth, TX can best be described to the uninitiated, as an unholy union of, AT THE GATES, and "Killers Era" IRON MAIDEN. Dueling guitar hero war harmonies and chainsaw riffs abound. Vocals (male and female alike) alternate between sullen crooning and maniacal desperation.
More Info...
life012 (1999)  CD - $10.00
ucr015 O PIONEERS!!!
Black Mambas
The debut 11 song full length from this Texas two-some! O Pioneers!!! are stripped down Hot Water Music crossed with a Plan-It-X style band. Just know that for two guys they make a lot of fucking noise!
More Info...
ucr015 (2007)  CD - $10.00
mbr103 NO RELAX
Virus De Rebelion
Ex-members of Italian bands Ska-J and Bambole Di Pezza (an all-female punk band) fell in love and formed No Relax in 2002. This, their 2nd cd, is sizzlin' punk with psychobilly twinges throughout, with Micky's female vox kicking ass throughout- including on their ace cover of The Ramones "Rock'N'Roll Radio"!
More Info...
mbr103 (2007)  CD - $10.00
Pasijove hry velikonocni (1978)
Pasijove hry velikonocni translates into "The Passion Play". The Plastic People of the Universe was the name of perhaps the greatest obscure rock band of all time and their incredible story ranks as one of the truest examples of artistic perseverance and art imitating life in the entire history of Rock and Roll. Formed in 1968 following the Soviet invasion of their beloved Czechoslovakia, the Plastic People of the Universe suffered immeasurably for their simple desire to make their own music.
More Info...
tam011 (2004)  CD - $10.00
fzm320 CELLULE X
Hard-hitting political hip-hop/electronic/punk/metal French favorites- or as their d.i.y. label puts it, "L'Electro-Rapcore De La Zone Mondiale!" Super rare outside of France!
More Info...
fzm320 (2008)  CD - $10.00
Early Years
Complete discography of these entire crusty Dutch squatter punks early studio recordings including "Parasites" EP, "Global Destruction" LP and their splits with Assrash and Bleeding Rectum digitally re-mastered on one CD for the vinyl impaired!
More Info...
rpr091 (2005)  CD - $10.00
More Lovin' From Our Oven
PANSY DIVISION's fifth album collects several years of singles, compilation tracks, unreleased versions of other songs and rare demos, puts them all together in a nice pie-flavored package, and bakes them till it's just right. 21 songs, all previously unavailable on CD. Direct from the band's personal stock!
More Info...
lk175 (2006)  CD - $10.00
cod026 FRACAS
On Trial
The latest from East Bay punk powerhouse Fracas! The band mixes TSOL and The Misfits, then adding a whole lot of seasoning from their individual histories in bands like Plan 9. This, their 3rd full-length, also features a Johnny Paycheck and a Dr. Know cover. Fracas knows how to know to make you bang your head against the punk rock!
More Info...
cod026 (2005)  CD - $10.00
Hate The Police
Newly restocked! From our pals at 1-2-3-4-Go!, it's the 1st legitimate pressing in over 30 years! Remastered by George Horn of Fantasy Studios fame with Jello Biafra in 2012. Quintessential Texas Hardcore/Punk. Hugely influential to so many from Mudhoney to Limp Wrist. Unapologetically communist, gay and pissed off. Brand new and a perfect companion to our reissue of Kill From The Heart!
More Info...
go53 (2012)  7" - $6.00 - temp. unavailable
cri001 SPANNER
Relatively little-known here in the States, Spanner plays some rockin' political ska/punk (emphasis on the punk)! Comes packaged in a nifty digipack, along with a lyric sheet and artwork intended to facilitate the dismantling of the status quo, this is music for social change - not for profit! Co-released by no less than four independent labels, the official skankability index remains at 10/10 throughout these 13 heartfelt and angry (but danceable!) tunes.
More Info...
cri001 (2012)  CD - $10.00
On the Run
Hailing from Finland, these 5 gents play nothing but good old fashion 80's inspired US hardcore comparable to the likes of Jerry's Kids and Minor Threat. Raw, fast, & loud! It features 2 dudes from the legendary SELFISH - pro fucken bono! This is their best and strongest recording to date.
More Info...
dr046 (2005)  CD - $10.00
cah021 DESPITE
No Promise of Tomorrow
Despite formed out of the ashes of URBN DK years and years ago and have been going strong since. This powerhouse keeps putting out really brutal releases- this one is a mix of Hardcore and Grind!
More Info...
cah021 (2004)  CD - $10.00
Sweet shit of Christ, it's another Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits record! It's been about a decade, but Corbett and Dan are back at it with some help from friends - including Jon Mink (Fleshies, Triclops!), Jesse from Blatz, The Criminals, The Frisk, and many more, belting out 13 alternately disturbing, hilarious, and avant garde classics in a mixture of rock, pop, folk, country, and just about every other genre out there!
More Info...
silver026 (2011)  CD - $10.00
More Popular Than Presidents And Generals
Oakland's own Mute Socialite's mix of metal, free-jazz, and noise fuse together on this aggressively experimental group's debut! Technical as many prog acts but lacking the pretension, this is a sure hit for fans of Massacre (they do a blasting cover version of one of their songs!) or A.T.'s own The Ex or Dog Faced Hermans. Check it out!
More Info...
dkm009 (2008)  CD - $12.00
eye014 BLACK ICE
Since way back in 1999, the mighty Black Ice have been crafting their sound from the initially instrumental/found sound roots to the present-day beast of cohesion. "Myopia" finds them reaching even further with experimentation, this time around as a quintet, including some of the fine Phantom Limbs folks!
iTunes emusic
More Info...
eye014 (2012)  CD - $10.00
Something out of Nothing
Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden are Imperial Leather, appropriately named from the brand of soap used by punks in the UK to charge their hair. Musically IMPERIAL LEATHER are classic punk rock, with a very UK '82 type sound, with two vocalists who trade singing duties.
More Info...
exist083 (2007)  CD - $10.00
The Very Best Of Mojo Hand
4 song best of 7" from this short lived Bay Area, California 60's style Rock 'N Roll band. The self proclaimed "toughest band in California." Great old-school tunes. Includes a Rolling Stones cover too! Featuring the singer of the LA hardcore band Rabies, and the bass player from Annihilation Time. Limited one time pressing of 500. Get this before it's out of print forever!
More Info...
rr005 (2013)  7" - $5.00 - temp. unavailable
The Great Dumbening
Poppy, lo-fi indie rock with its own identity from the San Francisco Bay Area. Grnd Ntl Brnds take a loose, jangly sound, pump it up with fuzzy rock, slow it down to make it a bit more engulfing, and then take you along for a bouncy, acid reminiscent journey. Features members of Fibulator, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, Little My, and the Molecules!
More Info...
vac030 (2002)  CD - $10.00
From Ashes Rise plays dark, slightly metallic hardcore that is not unlike early His Hero Is Gone mixed with Scandinavian hardcore like Skitystem and 80's UK crust like Antisect. Victims from Sweden play aggressive fast Scandinavian hardcore not unlike early Skitsystem or Wolfbrigade. You can hear the influence of early Swedish hardcore like Anti-Cimex, Shitlickers and Crude SS mixed with the heavier sounds of 90's crust core.
More Info...
hc1211 (2005)  CD - $10.00
life026 SKEW WHIFF
Taedium Vitae
Skew Whiff hail from Liege Belgium and play punked out crust with slaying metal guitar leads. Kinda like their previous bands (Hiatus and Medication Time) mixed with a bit of Bleeding Rectum, Scatha, and later Subhumans (UK)! Limited numbers of Polish pressing of LP on Trajaca Fala Records in stock! The LP covers are slightly bent.
More Info...
life026 (2003)  CD - $10.00
Funerary Preamble
The now-disbanded Anubis Rising released a couple EP's and a split with Uphill Battle in their 6-year existence, all included on this 75-minute disc. Moody and epic, they mix elements of prog rock (ala King Crimson), doom, and even black metal to create a beautifully bizarre record, primarily emphasizing the band's instrumentation (though the banshee screams and metallic growls are peppered throughout.) Check it out!
More Info...
ui001 (2006)  CD - $10.00
coco001 DIDIMAO
This is fucked up and confusing and weird and...great! With an apparently complete disregard for genre boundaries, SF's Didimao burst forth with this twisted masterwork! The silkscreened LP cover contains their nine track debut, at times droning and epic, at others raging psychedelica - really, this band is all over the place and sound like they're having a great time there! Feeling experimental? Snatch this up today!
More Info...
coco001 (2009)  LP - $12.00
Doomed From The Get Go
Great debut outta Rhode Island! Catchy hard-hitting punk rock and a great live show made them one of the best bands around when this was released!
More Info...
rpr060 (2005)  CD - $10.00
mort060 CONFLICT
Against All Odds
Anarcho punk legends Conflict blast the walls down again, with their 6th full length studio album Against All Odds. Colin Jerwood spits out various obscenities towards England's police state, unmotivated activists, the marketing of anarchy, and wraps the songs in beautiful poetry and thundering punk riffs, all the while encouraging you to get up and do something important with your life, which is the beating heart of this album.
More Info...
mort060  CD - $10.00
life027 DIMLAIA
A tremendously dark album of full-on sonic depression from this Memphis-born group heavy gloomers. Sonically dark and dramatic soundscape compositions drenched with soothing melodies and grey atmospherics. Includes two new tracks along with re-recorded versions of songs from an earlier demo, all of it mixed to perfection by Dave Ed of Neurosis.
More Info...
life027 (2003)  CD - $10.00
mort006 CONFLICT
Increase the Pressure
A classic slab from one of the original U.K. anarcho-punks, the A-side was recorded at Greenhouse Studios in February 1984. The B-side was recorded live at the Brixton Ace in London on October 8th 1983, Conflict's first major gathering. This anarcho-punk classic was released June 1984.
More Info...
mort006 (2008)  CD - $12.00 - temp. unavailable
A wild and wooly bedroom pop adventure from our old pal Jad Fair & R. Stevie Moore. 21 songs that you'll cherish for life!
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oldgold001 (2007)  CD - $10.00
This is Brazil's answer to "Let Them Eat Jellybeans" ("Let them eat Brazil Nuts"?) and "This Is Boston Not L.A." ("This Is Brasilia Not S.P."!)... Anyway, this 1983 compilation features some of the first studio songs ever from Ratos De Parao, Colera, Psykoze, and Fogo Cruzado. 6 songs from each band, for a total of 24 ripping early Brazilian punk classics!
More Info...
fds052 (2008)  CD - $10.00
Wish I'd Taken Pictures
Album number 4 is a definite change and a big step forward. You'll find their trademark tales of of gay sexcapades as well as serious songs dealing with relationships, sexual politics, and solitude. This is their hardest, fastest record yet, while it is also their quietest and most subtle. Those folks who think they've already heard what this band can do should listen up. Direct from the band's personal stock!
More Info...
lk133 (2006)  CD - $10.00
spin033 WHITE MICE
Like a drug-fueled weeklong bender, White Mice will leave you exhausted, chemically unstable, and grasping for any hint of stable reality left! Combining caustic noise with Joycean pun-obsessed lyrics, disturbing/bizarre artwork, and utter disregard for good taste, "Ganjahovadose" stands as a testament to the weird, the unusual, and our lord and saviour, Cheesus. For fans of Flipper, Godflesh, and volatile hallucinogens!
More Info...
spin033 (2012)  CD - $10.00
split cd
IDM-Grind fusionists Dataclast unleash a tsunami of extreme digital insanity- think Carcass being molested by Kid 606! Earwigs construct evocative, crystalline electronic abstractions and space-noise. A split for the ages!
More Info...
cbr011 (2004)  CD - $10.00
Originally released on the great Six Weeks Records imprint back in 2005, this mean motherfucker's been given the Tankcrimes royal reissue treatment due to their crazed fans demanding more, with an added bonus track! Mixing the best of Bl'ast, Black Flag, Thin Lizzy and Hawkwind, the result is an epic album equally punk and metal, with none of the tired trappings of either! Truly an American original, now in a gatefold sleeve!
More Info...
tc047 (2012)  Gatefold LP - $12.00 - temp. unavailable
life028 YETI
Volume Obliteration Transcendence
The surviving members of Yeti are back with close to an hour's worth of new music. After losing their keycrusher Doug Ferguson to a pancreatic infection in 2002, the remaining members have written 4 all new and incredibly dark,dismal dirges. Yeti continues to offer a heavier music combining the darker elements of jazz and rock forms. Essential for fans of Yeti, Tarantula Hawk, Man Is The Bastard- wow!
More Info...
life028 (2004)  CD - $10.00
The Red List
Undoubtedly the best powerviolence split in recent years! The incarnation of The Bastard Noise that appears on this sucker leans a lot more towards the sound evolved from Man Is The Bastard than the noiser output they (The Bastard Noise) has mostly been known for. Canadian ragers The Endless Blockade are up next, delivering three tracks of waste-laying brutality, spread out over 34 minutes.
More Info...
spin036 (2012)  CD - $10.00
Life Through Death's Eyes
Cleveland's ATW has just released this new Full Length CD of Blazing HC-Punk!
More Info...
rpr064 (2005)  CD - $10.00
Complete Failure
A forty song CD, clocking in at just over 55 minutes. Features the music from all four, out of print Failure Face records (released 1993-96), one compilation song and a complete live set. Full color front and back cover. Twenty-four page CD booklet featuring all lyrics, liner notes,detailed discography, and tons of great photos. Fans of Negative Approach, Voorhees, Capitol Punishment and Infest should check this sucker out!
More Info...
bur019 (2006)  CD - $10.00
ritchie006 JUD
Live in 1997 in a German record store, with only guitar, acoustics-bass, and broom-Snare! These were re-recorded for Jud's "Internal Mission" cd. Moving and thoughtful, this includes 2 originals and their sweet version of PJ Harvey's "Send His Love To Me"! The quiet, "verträumte" side of these Stoner rockers...
More Info...
ritchie006 (2004)  7" - $3.00 - temp. unavailable
Right Now! The World Needs A Clear Head
Finally back in stock! Porcelain Forehead from Ottawa, Ontario have been playing since the 80's, and this 8-song offering showcases some of their best material recorded over the last 20-something years! The first six tracks comprise the original 6-song EP, along with two new ones from 2010. This is weird, rockin', psychedelipunk (with an emphasis on the punk!) fit for fans of fellow weirdos Crucifucks or early Butthole Surfers!
More Info...
pfr001 (2010)  CD - $8.00
This 2003 re-release of "Endofyorerror" by psycheDOOMelic records comes to you with slight differences from the original release. The two original bonus tracks have been replaced with one song from the ORBIT EP, Negative Reaction´s first release with Game Two Records in 1998. We hope you enjoy this archival masterpiece from the gods of sludge!
More Info...
psy008 (2005)  CD - $10.00
ss008 FUSES
Eastern Cities
The first full-length release from Shit Sandwich is the long-awaited new album from Baltimore's post-punk darlings, the Fuses! Influenced by Gang of Four, Mission of Burma, etc, the Fuses were perfecting it way before the recent Go4/MoB clones decided this was the flavor of the month.
More Info...
ss008 (2005)  CD - $12.00
Just Head
Oakland, CA's aptly-named rockers East Bay Grease have finally unleashed their debut upon the unsuspecting public! "Just Head" collects one original, The Duane Allman track "Happily Married Man," and a cover of the title track by Nervous Eaters! Comes with a free Classic Bar Music sticker and a download card of the full album! Stanky!
More Info...
cbm008 (2010)  7" - $5.00
Years Months
This 3-piece Swedish outfit has been compared to Stiff Little Fingers and Newtown Neurotics and that's probably as good a comparison as it gets. Tuneful melodic punk rock with slightly raspy vocals.
More Info...
dr051 (2005)  7" - $3.00 - temp. unavailable
mort110 CONFLICT
It's Time To See Who's Who Now
This classic slab from one of the original U.K. anarcho-punks is a re-release of Conflict's debut album with extra tracks. Originally written & recorded from 1981-1983, they were recorded again in November 1985 at Berry Street, London. These recordings didn't see the light of day until almost a decade later, in 1994!
More Info...
mort110 (2008)  CD - $12.00
One Free Miracle Ticket
Mad frantic trash grooves for dysfunctional members of society. Imagine being stuck in an insane asylum with Septic Death, Rudimentary Peni and Wesley Willis and then trying to write a record about your "trip"... only to discover you no longer remember how to play music, more or less tie your own shoes!! Executed by recovering members of Dystopia, Skaven, Criminals, Impulse Items, and Nigel Peppercock.
More Info...
life013 (2000)  CD - $10.00
Morte Asceta mixes quite a few influences on this record. At times a Black Flag or Bl'ast sound, then Poison Idea or early Void, then even Black Sabbath lurches through. Screaming fast Brazilian HC with rock undertones.
More Info...
viet001 (2005)  CD - $10.00
Ne Nehledej
Iva Bittova, the Czech avant-garde violinist and singer, has synthesized the classic folk and gypsy music of the tiny Moravian villages where she grew up. Her vocal and instrumental technique is formidable, but what is most impressive is the imaginativeness of her excursions. Bittova uses the union of gypsy and other folklore elements together with classical (minimal) music, rock, jazz in her performances without frontiers.
More Info...
tam001 (2004)  CD - $10.00
tam006 NE ZHDALI
Live Rarities Vol. 1
With over-the-top vocals, highspeed steelhard percussion, lively winds, driving trash guitars and a medley of confusing electronics, Ne Zhdali stage a splendid organized chaos in which the joy of living is exposed for the musicians and their audience. From Estonia, this is super hard-to-find on this side of the Baltic Sea!!
More Info...
tam006 (2004)  CD - $10.00
throne002 OVERNOISE
Lethal Ways To Hell's Kitchen Doors
Smashing debut for this Spanish killing machine. Grindcore in the vein of Nasüm, Relevant Few and several other Swedish masters. Political lyrics sung both in English and Spanish. Recorded at RPM studios (Voice Of Hate, Anne 0, etc...)
More Info...
throne002 (2004)  CD - $10.00
Communicating For Influence
Mix neo-punk, avant garde, straight ahead rock, or retro '70s art rock (think Pere Ubu, Fred Frith, and King Crimson) and you've got the Bay Area's fab Grnd Ntl Brnds! Features members of Fibulator, Little My, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, and the Molecules, this is their debut!
More Info...
vac024 (2000)  CD - $10.00
split cd
5 new songs from each of these bands! UK Punk meets Providence Rock & Roll!
More Info...
rpr074 (2005)  CD - $10.00
IV - Self Portrait
This CD-EP finds Savannah, Georgia's Unpersons playing the unpredictable, spastic hardcore they've come to be known for since their formation in 1997. One epic 15-minute track lets loose with feedback-soaked guitars and schizophrenic songwriting, akin to early Rudimentary Peni or a heavier Jesus Lizard. Get it now!!
More Info...
life030 (2006)  CD - $10.00
Silver Lion's 20/20 is the new(ish) punk/blues band from Chet Weise (from The Immortal Lee County Killers, among others). Drawing from influences as diverse as traditional Delta Blues, Pussy Galore, and Bad Brains, the band whips up three tracks of intensive originality, confidently infusing the two seemingly disparate genres into a pliable mass of badassery! Hailing from Nashville, TN, Hans Condor brings forth their amazing debut on their side of the split. Three tracks of MC5/T-Rex inspired rock'n'roll, with a touch of Lou Reed thrown in for good measure. Comes on colored vinyl with a download card containing the entire album, plus six additional tracks from other bands on the Classic Bar Music roster!
More Info...
cbm004 (2010)  LP + DOWNLOAD - $10.00
Patnact Kapeck Vody (Best of...)
This collection of tracks, spanning the career of the quintessential Czech art-rock band, is an excellent introduction to their inimitable music. Hardly a "greatest hits", the collection is clearly comprised of those songs the band feels represent their strongest work. And for long-time fans, this release offers two previously unreleased tracks, one from the film "Spring, Hell, Fall, Winter," and the other from a live show in 1985.
More Info...
mam121 (2005)  CD - $16.00

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