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Mutant Rocker
Mutant Rocker is a tribute to Randy "Biscuit" Turner featuring essays, art, fanzine clippings, and more!
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book297  Book - $11.00
Watcher In Black and Other Poems
New Poetry Collection from Alternative Tentacles and Fool Court Press For our very first co-published printed book we have collected the fantastic poetry of Stanley Boucher, the father of our very own Jello Biafra! This anthology encompasses a lifetime of experiences, including the infamous obscenity trial of his son.
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virus468 (2014)  Book - $15.00
The History of Nemesis Records
Perhaps best known nowadays for having helped Offspring get their start, Nemesis was a punk record label that ran hard and fast from 1988 to 1993. This is the story of the label, the bands, the fans, and the founder, Big Frank Harrison.
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book294 (2017)  Book - $25.00
Comfort Eating With Nick Cave: Vegan Recipes To Get Deep Inside of You
Poor Nick Cave. Life is hard for him and there are many hurdles to deal with every day. And like all of us, Nick is human. In these pages, you can find healthy ways to feed his sorrows, with gusto, whether he's eating a giant bowl of mashed potatoes, a tofu dog, peanut butter from the jar, spicy potato chips, or licking the frosting bowl, as channeled by zinester Automne Zingg & ace vegan cook Joshua Ploeg! This is the companion of the new Morrissey cookbook! Brand New!
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book288 (2016)  Book - $15.00
Memoirs From a Damaged Civilization
A searing punk memoir by an American original rebelling against conformity, complacency, and conservatism with his iconic band, MDC.
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book287 (2016)  Book - $15.00
Defensive Eating With Morrissey: Vegan Recipes From The One You Left Behind
Poor Morrissey. He's just so... so... hungry. And meat is murder, so that narrows his options by a lot. Until now, at least! With the arrival of this cookbook by zinester Automne Zingg & ace vegan cook Joshua Ploeg, our dear Moz no longer needs to suffer such terrible hunger, such ruthless indecision, or the emotional impact of a major blood sugar crash at the worst possible moment! This is the companion of the new Nick Cave cookbook! Brand New!
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book289 (2016)  Book - $15.00
Things That Help
Living in the margins of a culture she never felt comfortable in, Cindy Crabb touches on her experiences with feminism, girl-gangs, abuse, and gender identity. Cindy Crabb has written the feminist, autobiographical, anarchist zine Doris for 25 years.
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book291 (2017)  Book - $16.00
book286 BOB MEDINA
Denvoid and the Cowtown Punks
A Collection of Stories From the '80s Denver Punk Scene with a unique and seminal kind of localized punk oral history. Bob Rob Medina's Denvoid and the Cowtown Punks also features over 100 vivid, hand-colored illustrations, flyers and other artifacts from the era.
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book286 (2015)  Book - $20.00 ($25.00 list)
book282 BOB SUREN
Crate Digger: An Obsession with Punk Records
Limited copies signed by the author! Bob Suren has run a record label, opened a record store, released dozens of zines, and recorded many records with his bands like Murder Suicide Pact & Failure Face. This is his story told in relation to dozens of classic punk records, including The Eat, Dead Kennedys, DOA, "Let Them Eat Jellybeans", and many other VERY familiar LPs! This is the story of how, slowly, his life's pursuit pushes him to the point of personal ruination and ultimately redemption.
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book282 (2015)  Book - $15.00
2017 Organizer & Datebook
Every year radical mainstay Slingshot Collective puts out this jam-packed, multicolor organizer & datebook- it comes in a variety of colors- all with rad hand-silk-screened covers! Packed full of state-smashing tidbits- mostly dates in history and d.i.y. art- plus there's also resource lists, tips on resisting police, a handy menstrual calendar, and tons of other stuff. Indispensable! Comes in various colors, as always!
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book122 (2016)  Organizer - $4.00 ($6.00 list) |  Datebook - $10.00 ($12.00 list) - temp. unavailable
Deep Conversations in The Shaman's Den Vol. 1
Frank Moore's Shaman's Den streamed live on the internet almost every Sunday night from 1998 until Frank's death in 2013. The Shaman's Den was a 2 1/2-hour variety show featuring in-studio concerts by bands from around the world and in-depth conversations about politics, art, music, and life.
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book283 (2015)  Book - $14.00 ($15.00 list)
Human Punk For Real
Marco Thiede, born in 1964 in Germany, writes about his discovery of Punk Rock and how the music changed his life. He describes his experiences from the end of the 70s until today; how he took many trips from Bremen to Punk concerts and gatherings, and finally ended up in California.
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book285 (2014)  Book - $16.00 ($19.77 list)
When We Rise
Born in 1954, Cleve Jones was among the last generation of gay Americans who grew up wondering if there were others out there like himself. Like thousands of other young people, Jones, nearly penniless, was drawn in the early 1970s to San Francisco, a city electrified by progressive politics and sexual freedom.
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book296 (2017)  Book - $12.00
My First Time: A Collection of First Punk Show Stories
Remember your first show? Browse through the hilarious, fascinating tales of the first times of a ton of people, including punk rock celebs like Blake/Jawbreaker, Boff/Chumbawumba, Blag/Dwarves. Everyone from authors to label owners to band members to The Kids (tm) are represented here. Brand New!
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book215 (2007)  Book - $14.00
Mosh It Up
Boop, a punk rock riot girl of the San Francisco Bay Area, has the indomitable soul of a dreamer and the train-wreck life of an unruly compulsive. She grudgingly admits that her self-sabotaging sexcapade lifestyle, like the millennium, is fading fast. The latest in our Punks in Print series.
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book281 (2015)  Book - $15.00
The Rock & Roll of San Francisco's East Bay, 1950-1980
"For every successful local group that ever packed the Fillmore, Avalon, or Winterland Ballrooms, there were dozens of overlooked, and much better, groups that also hailed from the City by the Bay." Explore the primitive, rocking rhythm and blues of the fifties, the garage and psych of the sixties, and the seventies punk and new wave scenes with Cory M. Lindstrum's history zine.
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book292 (2017)  Zine - $5.00
Why I March - Images From The Women's March Around The World
On January 21, 2017, five million people in 82 countries and on all seven continents stood up with one voice. The Women's March began with one cause, women's rights, but quickly became a movement around the many issues that were hotly debated during the 2016 U.S. presidential race-immigration, health care, environmental protections, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, freedom of religion, and workers' rights, among others.
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book295 (2017)  Book - $15.00
Punxelated Zine #2
2nd issue of this positively stunning photozine from Germany (written in English). Features nearly 130 full-color photos from 45 bands, including Dead To Me, Off With Their Heads, Night Birds, Criminals, Teenage Bottlerocket, ALL, Rancid, plus highly-entertaining articles concerning Jerk Store, Masked Intruder, Teenage Bottlerocket, and more! Limited # imported from Germany! 56 full-color thick pages with NO ads! This is how you do a quality zine, kiddies!
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zine020 (2014)  Magazine - $10.00
book275 JOE BIEL
Beyond The Music
Punk is notorious for its loud music, aggressive attitude, and safety-pinned style. Less well known is the radical value system that has emerged hand in hand with the sound and aesthetic. Since the 1970s, punks have built their music, fashion, and lifestyles around core values of social justice, creative freedom, community integrity, fiercely democratic politics and do-it-yourself ingenuity. From journalism to psychology, graphic design to alternative fuel, bodybuilding to the Occupy movement, these interviews by Joe Biel show just some of the ways that punk values continue to shape mainstream American life!
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book275 (2013)  Book - $14.00
Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook
If you've ever wondered what it's like to leave your hometown and follow your dreams, this book is both how-to and warning. The Bobby Joe Ebola Songbook features easy-to-learn lyrics and chords to over 90 songs by the infamous satiric duo, Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits, along with hilarious illustrations from Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics and over 40 more of the best illustrators from the art world, the comic book world and beyond! Tragicomic band trivia, esoteric pop quizzes, history lessons, and surprises on every page will make this your new favorite bathroom reading - highly recommended!
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book276 (2013)  Book - $16.00
Meal Deal With The Devil!!
Meal Deal With The Devil combines a five-song CD EP (including two "story-songs") from the devious San Francisco Bay Area musical satirists Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits with an accompanying read-along storybook, illustrated by Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics. An adult version of a children's books with a record that let you know when to turn the page, Meal Deal features three brand new & exclusive Bobby Joe Ebola tracks for bratty little monsters of all ages, as well as a two 'story songs' tracks that you can read-along with!
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book277 (2013)  Book + CD - $16.00
Howard Zinn Speaks: Collected Speeches 1963-2009
Howard Zinn has illuminated our history like no other U.S. historian. This collection of his speeches on protest movements, racism, war, and topics vital to our democracy will be an invaluable resource for the new generation of students who continue to discover his work, as well as the millions of people who Howard moved and informed in his lifetime.
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book271 (2013)  Book - $19.00
Dreaming In Public: Building The Occupy Movement
Dreaming in Public gathers together dispatches, essays, blog posts, and images from within the movement aimed at influencing its development and addressing those not yet involved. Produced by participant journalists, political analysts, writers, polemicists, photographers, organizers, and activists, these documents capture the vibrant, contentious, illuminating, and inventive exchange of Occupy. Over 300 pages of thoughtful writing, analysis, full-color photos and art, and more!
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book267 (2012)  Book - $12.00 ($16.00 list)
book268 RICKY ADAM
Destroying Everything...Seems Like The Only Option
A glaring, unflinching, honest snapshot of youth sub-culture that Ricky himself has been immersed in for many years. Bringing together aspects of bikes, D.I.Y. punk & underground youth culture, Destroying Everything is a collection of photographs of people who do their own thing their own way and live life from the heart, no matter what the consequences. Nearly 200 hardcover pages and over 3 lbs. of full-color photo testimonials from the underground - highly recommended!!!
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book268 (2012)  Book - $30.00
Guantanamo: What The World Should Know
Now half-off the cover price! Ratner and Ray give a definitive account of what Guantanamo means for the rule of law, for liberty, democracy, and the right to dissent. Gathered here for the first time, this volume also includes the governmental memoranda and orders that led to this system of detention without accountability, a letter from two recently released Guantanamo detainees, details of Ratner's Center For Constitutional Rights Supreme Court case on the Guantanamo detainees, and excerpts from the Geneva Convention.
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book266 (2012)  Book - $7.00 ($14.00 list)
Robert & Mabel Williams Resource Guide
This 84-page book includes a complete transcript of the new Robert K. Williams cd, the full text of a 1962 article by legendary radical journalist Truman Nelson, and transcribed excerpts of Radio Free Dixie broadcasts. Plus photos, a complete reproduction of the pamphlet People with Strength, historical/explanatory notes, and a Robert Williams poem! Enlightening, and inspiring! For $20 you can get both the cd and the book!
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book179 (2005)  Book - $10.00 |  Book + CD - $20.00
Issue #93
We're pleased to announce the 'thinking-person's heavy music' magazine Decibel has included a flexi-disc 7" of the brand new Unsane track "Grind" with their latest issue! While the flexi release from the N.Y.C. stalwarts is exciting enough, the written articles therein focus on Baroness, Nile, Job For A Cowboy, Phobia, and many more! Limited stock, so don't sleep on this!
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zine002 (2012)  Magazine - $7.00
Baghdad Burning: Girl Blog From Iraq
In August 2003, the world gained access to a remarkable new voice: a blog written by a 25-year-old Iraqi woman living in Baghdad, whose identity remained concealed for her own protection. Calling herself Riverbend, she offered searing eyewitness accounts of the everyday realities on the ground, punctuated by astute analysis on the politics behind these events. This is a great companion to "Invasion of Iraq: An Eyewitness Account" also available from AT!
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book167 (2005)  Book - $12.00 ($15.00 list)
Thieves in High Places
From everyone's favorite friendly, fun, and fightin' populist, this beautiful hardcover identifies the kleptocrats of today's society! From the culprits in government to the boardroom to the big-box retail giants who are eviscerating our home towns and exploiting us as workers and consumers, this is an ultimately optimistic call-up from the progressive wing of the national political scene! On Sale!
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book118 (2003)  Book - $17.00 ($22.00 list)
Devil Born Without Horns
Funny, haunting, brutal crime novel from everyone's favorite surf-garage guitarist, Mike Lucas! We'd call it a breath of fresh air except that it might imply a sweetness and light that the author studiously avoids in this darkly humorous, but at times brutal, tale of crime and consumerism in the high-end furniture industry. Yes, that's right. FURNITURE industry! Part of our Punks In Print series!
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book218 (2007)  Book - $10.00
A Loud Humming Sound Came From Above
From the twisted genius behind original S.F. punks CRIME comes this short story collection. Hot on the heels of his novel, Johnny Strike ups the ante with these genre-bending tales- many never-before-published! Part of our Punks In Print series!
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book219 (2007)  Book - $10.00
book138 AL NORMAN
The Case Against Wal-Mart
Al Norman, who has been called the "guru of the anti-Wal-Mart movement" by 60 Minutes, has just written a new book calling for a national consumer boycott of the giant retailer. The timing couldn't be better. Wal-Mart is drawing more heat than ever in its 42-year history. It has become perhaps the most disliked retailer in America today. This is presented as a legal brief against Wal-Mart with "counts" against the company ranging from its employment practices to its "Made in America" mythology, all in laymen's terms!
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book138 (2004)  Book - $15.00

From Cometbus to Howard Zinn, our book selection has high-brow politics and low-brow comix- with some music specials and tons of punk rock photo books thrown into the page-bound mix!



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