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VIVA VIVA - Brasil Punk
Steeped in the riotous music of urban chaos, meet two generations shaping a global culture of dissent. From the slums to the city center of São Paulo, Brazil, the punks invite us to open our eyes. Viva Viva!
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dvd110 (2015)  DVD - $18.00 ($20.00 list)
Live in San Francisco September 2nd 1978
This rare, classic live performance of the Screamers was recorded on September 2, 1978 in San Francisco. Track list: 122 Hours of Fear, Vertigo, Last 4 Digits, Magazine Love, Beat Goes On, Punish or be Damned, In A Better World.
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dvd97 (2013)  DVD - $12.00 - temp. unavailable
The Widower DVD & Soundtrack CD
This instant cult classic is a surreal black romantic comedy featuring Jello Biafra, Joey "Shithead" Keithley, Ani Kyd, and Nardwuar The Human Serviette. The DVD comes with the star-studded, never released soundtrack featuring DOA, Neko Case And Her Boyfriends, The Evaporators, & more. This DVD + Soundtrack CD (and its sister DVD+CD, Terminal City Ricochet) is a must-have for anyone who loves punk, Jello Biafra, David Lynch, and/or John Waters! All Region Compatible NTSC!
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virus408 (2010)  CD + DVD - $15.00
Western Music And Variety
A document of the final tour performance of comedian Neil Hamburger's foray into Bakersfield-style country and western. Recorded during an invitation-only Fourth of July gala event at Hollywood's famed Radio Recorders Recording Studio, hosted by the infamous radio personality Dr. Demento! The whole thing comes wrapped in an eye-catching package utilizing newspaper advertisements from days gone by.
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dvd95 (2013)  DVD - $14.00
Taqwacore: The Birth Of Punk Islam
Michael Muhammad Knight's 2003 classic novel "The Taqwacores," served as the base and inspiration for the real-life Muslim movement within the punk/hardcore scene. On the heels of the recently-released fictional movie based on the book comes this true-life documentary detailing the bands involved in Muslim punk's inception, and the ensuing U.S. tour that follows, with Knight there every step of the way. An amazing first hand account of this nascent sub-scene that is all at once compelling, controversial, and even contradictory.
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dvd90 (2011)  DVD - $16.00
Life In A Gay Rock Band
Astounding documentary about the ups and downs of Pansy Division! From their start in early 90's San Francisco to their opening for Green Day's first arena tour to the present day, PD has been in the forefront of the queercore music scene. The bonus DVD includes great-sounding live footage from throughout the 90s! Don't forget the CD, 7-inch & co-founder Jon Ginoli's Book! All Region Compatible NTSC!
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virus396 (2009)  Double DVD - $16.00
The Taqwacores
Based around the plot of the superb novel of the same name by Michael Muhammed Knight, The Taqwacores follows the exploits, hardships, and revelry of a group of Muslim punk rockers living in a group house in Buffalo, NY. An amazing look at the controversial intersection of organized religion and punk rock, and the often uncomfortable parallels and discrepancies between the two!
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dvd89 (2011)  DVD - $16.00
Doot Doola Doot Doo... Doot Doo!
Nardwuar The Human Serviette is a Canadian force of nature, like Stompin' Tom Connors or Wayne Gretzky! This 2-DVD set is chock full of Nardwuar interviews with Mikhail Gorbachev, Wesley Willis, Dan Quayle, Jello Biafra, Snoop Dogg, Michael Moore, Nardwuar vs. himself, and so many more! Also included are bonus performances by his beloved band The Evaporators, who released "Ripple Rock" in 2004! All Region Compatible!
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virus349 (2006)  Double DVD - $20.00
Theory And Practice
"Theory And Practice" follows two of the most respected and highly esteemed experts on foreign policy - Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky - as they converse with Sasha Lilley about their respective philosophies and politics, as well as the events of their personal lives that helped shape the men they are today. A quest for real truth and justice seems to permeate everything these two do, and this DVD is no exception, as they look back over the decades of their lives and continue to struggle for change and meaning in this exceedingly backwards world.
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dvd87 (2010)  DVD - $18.00
Winter Soldier
On January 31, 1971, 125 Vietnam veterans gathered at a Detroit hotel to talk about their wartime experiences and horrors faced oversees to the crowds turned out for the occasion. Consisting almost entirely of the footage of the speaking vets, it provides a jarring glimpse of the war from those who were there to witness it firsthand, as well as the mainstream media's continuing lack of recognition or coverage of the conference.
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dvd81 (2010)  DVD - $16.00
You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train
Just re-released commemorative edition with more than an hour of bonus material!
This acclaimed film looks at the amazing life of the renowned historian, activist and author. Following his early days as a shipyard labor organizer and bombardier in World War II, Zinn became an academic rebel and leader of civil disobedience in a time of institutionalized racism and war. There's a ton of archival material and dvd extras on this in-depth look at the author of, among other books, "A People's History of the United States"! Region 1 only, sorry!
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dvd42 (2005)  DVD - $20.00
Crisis And Hope: Theirs And Ours
This DVD captures Noam Chomsky at his finest, delivering a lecture at the Riverside Church in NYC On June 12, 2009 to a crowd of 2,000. Topics center around the current economic crisis, including digressions into Obama's continuing of traditional American foreign policy and the class interests intertwined in it, as well as the time honored legacy of worker self-management as an alternative to the 'business as usual' ethos.
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dvd79 (2010)  DVD - $17.00
Power and Terror- Noam Chomsky in our Times
Noam Chomsky's latest thinking on terrorism, US foreign policy, and the meaning and true impact of militarism in the world today, based on a series of talks and conversations in March and May of 2002. This new film chronicles the latest in the thinking and activism of the noted linguist! This documentary is the companion dvd to his book of the same name! All Region compatible!
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dvd016 (2003)  DVD - $25.00 ($30.00 list)
dvd76 AK PRESS
March 20, 2003-the day after the Iraq war began-15,000 people effectively shut down the financial district of San Francisco and sent a powerful and resounding message to the bigwigs upstairs. This DVD explores the highs, lows, pitfalls, and victories regarding the protest, plus provides valuable information on mass organization and a critical inquiry as to why it wasn't enough to bring the war grinding to a halt. A must-have for anyone involved or concerned with the fight for social justice!
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dvd76 (2009)  DVD - $12.00


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