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Vs. The Predatory Pathocracy
Global Parasite is a four piece band from North Wales, United Kingdom who formed in 2006. They play a blistering and unrelenting style of anarcho hardcore/punk influenced by bands such as Discharge and Amebix. Next up is Dead Subverts, another four piece anarcho hardcore/punk band from the United Kingdom, sure to please fans of Oiltanker and The Holy Mountain. Five tracks each from these two English powerhouses released by the mighty Righteous Anger Records! Great stuff. Enjoy!
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pum056 (2014)  CD - $12.00
active027 VIRUS
A new, 17 track CD from the longstanding veterans of the U.K. anarcho-punk scene. Covering such time-tested themes of anti-militarism and the horrors of corporate monopolies--as well as some more personal, but no less emotionally charged, subject matter--this release will appeal to longtime fans and the uninitiated alike.
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active027 (2012)  CD - $10.00
active026 CITIZEN FISH
Dancing On Spikes
From our good friends at Bluurg Records and Active Distribution comes the killer CD-EP of U.K. ska/punk antiheroes Citizen Fish! Released on the Czech Republic label, PHR, the 13 track LP includes the CD-EP version plus 7 addition live tracks recorded live at Bremen B.O.B Fest 2009.
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active026 (2012)  CDEP - $8.00 - temp. unavailable |  LP - $12.00 - temp. unavailable
active010 ACTIVE MINDS
It's Perfectly Obvious That This System Doesn't Work
This Scarborough, UK based band has been cracnking out political hardcore punk since 1986, and this new one exemplifies they haven't mellowed a millimeter! After leading the fight against digital compact discs in favour of thir cherished vinyl, Active Distribution has thankfully persuaded them that CDs are OK after all. Thirteen new tracks in one magnus opus. The booklet includes all the lyrics and some class artwork pixelation, so snatch this up today!
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active010 (2012)  CD - $10.00
cri001 SPANNER
Relatively little-known here in the States, Spanner plays some rockin' political ska/punk (emphasis on the punk)! Comes packaged in a nifty digipack, along with a lyric sheet and artwork intended to facilitate the dismantling of the status quo, this is music for social change - not for profit! Co-released by no less than four independent labels, the official skankability index remains at 10/10 throughout these 13 heartfelt and angry (but danceable!) tunes.
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cri001 (2012)  CD - $10.00
A split of epic proportions by two maniacal Scottish hordes! No less than nine labels co-released this monstrosity, and it also happens to be some of the best material either band has put out til now. Filthpact is up first with 8 dark, grindy crusty hardcore tracks, sounding a bit like a mash-up of Phobia, Nausea (N.Y.C.), and Doom. Next up is Atomgevitter, laying down their fast as hell, manic hardcore/thrash hybrid attack.
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active000 (2011)  CD - $12.00
active200 LIBERTY
Just Talking Reality
Almost 20 years have passed and South East London activist rock n' rollers Liberty have finally graced this world with their second full length album "Just Talking Reality." The band once again delivers their powerful, societally challenging lyrics with catchy riffs, well-rounded production, and a heavy, english street punk influence!
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active200 (2011)  CD - $10.00
active020 CONTEMPT
Who Needs Diplomacy?
U.K. veteran Anarcho-Street Punks Contempt hit you straight in the teeth with their full length 2008 CD. This album manages extremely well to merge different punk styles together smoothly, with songs ranging from 80's hardcore to old school Oi! ala' The Business, and anti-establishment lyrics up there with Conflict. If you love classic, chanty, straight-up Punk Rock you will love Contempt and Who Needs Diplomacy!
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active020 (2010)  CD - $10.00
active012 S.O.R.B.
Germ Attack
Hailing from South East UK, S.O.R.B. is an exploding grindy Punk/Metal 5-piece outfit going as far back as 1989. Their 2004 full length CD Germ Attack is a combination of re-recorded songs the band had recorded on demos in their early days, as well as newly written songs. Anyone who likes a little neo-heavy metal mixed with their punk should check this out.
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active012 (2010)  CD - $10.00
The UK's Left For Dead have been shelling out political punk tunes since '96, and this, their newest, continues their tradition of pissed, oldskool punk rock with gruff vocals and ripping instrumentation!
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dead004 (2009)  CD - $10.00



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