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promolard2 LARD
Lard Promo Photo #2
The boys sure have changed their fashion styles since the taking of this photo! Who knew Lard featured an alligator on bass? 5"x7" glossy.
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promolard2 (2013)  Promo Photo S - $1.00
Jello Collaborations Cassette Pack!
As part of our celebration of lo-fi culture, we're offering all available Jello musical collaborations on cassette for a limited time! You'll receive one of each of the following:
JELLO BIAFRA & DOA - Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors
JELLO BIAFRA & MOJO NIXON - Prairie Home Invasion
JELLO BIAFRA & NOMEANSNO - The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy
LARD - Pure Chewing Satisfaction
LARD - The Last Temptation Of Reid

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value019 (2011)  Cassette Pack - $24.00
Pranks! 2
Finally, volume 2 of Re/Search's classic "Pranks!" is here! Pranks may be our last remaining freedom of expression in post-Constitutional, post-Bill of Rights, post G.W. Bush America. This book is a mere introduction to the enormous body of unheralded, uncelebrated, undocumented pranking that has occurred just within the past hundred years. Includes Jello Biafra, Al Jourgensen, Lydia Lunch, John Waters, Billboard Liberation Front, Survival Research Laboratories, Margaret Cho, The Yes Men, and many many more!
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book198 (2006)  Book - $18.00 ($20.00 list) - temp. unavailable
Ecstasy of the Agony
Newly found backstock of this classic comp! A cheap-o sampler for the kids. 30 bands for $5.00 - that's 16 cents a song! Artwork by Winston Smith!! Great cross-section of eclectic Alternative Tentacles recordings, from hardcore, demented pop, spoken word, new wave, country, punk, and so on. Exclusive tracks as well as previously released from the likes of Ratos de Porao, Wesley Willis, Chomsky, and many more!

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virus252 (2000)  CD - $5.00
virus235 LARD
70's Rock Must Die
ON SALE!Jello and the Ministry crew take a rip at the 70's Rock resurgence. 3 new long tracks; 1 classic rock hit, and two songs that pulverize like the other LARD and Ministry songs you've heard in the past.
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virus235 (2000)  12"EP - $9.00 |  CDEP - $9.00
virus199 LARD
Pure Chewing Satisfaction
Jello Biafra, Al Jourgensen, Paul Barker, Bill Rieflin, and Jeff Ward reprised their infamous roles in 1997. Praise the Lard, muthafucka!
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virus199 (1997)  Cassette - $8.00 |  Black Vinyl LP - $12.00 |  CD - $12.00
virus084 LARD
The Last Temptation Of Reid
Finally back in print! Ongoing project combines Biafra's vocals with the patented wall-of-noise and studio wizardry of Ministry founders. Praise the Lard!
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virus084 (1990)  Cassette - $8.00 ($12.00 list) |  CD - $12.00 - temp. unavailable |  LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00



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