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Whether it's mass corporate consumption, anti-socialism and homophobia, or just general ignorace, Fish Karma's "American" lyrically sums up just about everything wrong with the Good Ole U$A - and more! Flip this puppy over to get treated to Al Perry's unique take on this American classic. Transluscent red vinyl! First single from the band's Lethal Fairy Tales on A.T.!
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sr102 (2012)  7" - $4.00
virus447 FISH KARMA
Lethal Fairy Tales
iTunes eMusic Bandcamp
Tucson's twisted troubadour is back with 10 new songs that pack more musical muscle than his more minimalist recent records! From his take on Occupy, "OckUPyd," to more evergreen topics like "American" and "FEMA Camps," Lethal Fairy Tales kicks butt. You'll be singing along: "I am a moron, I am American!" Sing it loud and sing it proud! It's AVAILABLE NOW from iTunes, eMusic, Bandcamp, or another of your favorite digital stores! Due to a website glitch, we CANNOT sell this directly- you MUST go to one of those outside sites.
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virus447 (30 Oct 2012)  Digital only! - $0.00 - coming soon
virus419 FISH KARMA
Halloween In America
iTunes Amazon emusic Bandcamp
Tuscon's twisted troubadour of twang returns with his 2nd Alternative Tentacles record. If the Dead Milkmen met Bob Dylan and hallucinated in the desert outside of Tucson, "Halloween In America" would be the result! Available from Revolver, iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, and Bandcamp now, as well as many other e-tailers.
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virus419 (2010)  CD - $12.00
virus358 FISH KARMA
The Theory of Intelligent Design
iTunes emusic Bandcamp
Born, raised, and infected in Tucson, AZ, Fish has turned heads, blew minds, and tickled funnybones for a couple of decades. These songs feature his unique skewerings of the dark side of Americana as mutated into the sun-damaged retirees, townies, and pleasure-seekers only the Southwest could create. The music is more basement rock than acoustic this time around. The stunning cover art is, of course, by Winston Smith. Kind of outsider, kind of blind-sider, with a barb or two at supply-siders, Fish Karma's in the tent to enlighten and mangle your mind!
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virus358 (2006)  CD - $12.00



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