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pec025 D.E.R. / MORTE ASCETA
Morte Asceta, from Curitiba, twists Poison Idea, Black Flag, Motorhead, Born Against, and Black Sabbath together in a distorted Package Of Rock! D.E.R., from Sao Paulo, is intense, brutal, and political hardcore/punk/grind like old DRI, Assuck, and Cripple Bastards! Two relatively young Brazilian bands show us how it's done!
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pec025 (2005)  CD - $10.00
pec017 MY OWN LIES / Y
Tough Guys Save The World... To Death!
This split cd features 2 of Finland's best ultrafastcore bands- Y and My Own Lies! Combining elements of hardcore punk, crust, powerviolence, grind, and more, this kicks butt!
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pec017 (2005)  CD - $10.00
pec026 PRESTO?
Atentado Sonoro
The great third record from these Brazilian nuts! Mixing metal, crossover, grind, punk, hardcore, and power violence, Presto? makes a beautiful racket and will rock your ass off!
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pec026 (2005)  CD - $10.00
pec013 PRESTO?
Odio Puro Concentrado
An early release from these Brazilian hardcore/metal/power violence/grind stars! Undeniable!
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pec013 (2005)  CD - $10.00



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