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About To Crack
Dutch Punk Hardcore veterans Vitamin X return with their 5th album! Lightning fast, solid tight crossover/hardcore and turbocharged thrash-filled with killer hooks and choruses. Wicked guitar solos and massive rock licks while never slowing down. Recorded by Steve Albini with amazing cover art by John Dyer Baizley!
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tc061 (2012)  LP - $10.00
The Infernal Command
Seventeen fast metallic ragers from the mighty Voetsek, mixing Bay Area fastcore/power violence (Spazz, Capitalist Casualities) and Bay Area thrash metal (Vio-lence, Death Angel). The sound is more developed and metal sounding while the songs are definitely more thought out compared to previous recordings, but the result is still the same high energy fastcore/thrash. Features ex/current members of Deadfall, Population Reduction, The Dread and more!
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tc026 (2012)  LP - $10.00
tc019 GHOUL
Humor-laden, gore-obsessed otherworldly deathgrind thrashers Ghoul are back yet again with 12 more blood-soaked unholy hymns! Perfecting their blend of grindcore, old school thrash, and death metal, the four hood-clad Creepsylvania (read: Oakland, CA) cretins have crafted yet another masterpiece, highly recommended for fans of all that is heavy! Features insane cover art by Greg Oakes!
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tc019 (2012)  CD - $12.00
Originally released on the great Six Weeks Records imprint back in 2005, this mean motherfucker's been given the Tankcrimes royal reissue treatment due to their crazed fans demanding more, with an added bonus track! Mixing the best of Bl'ast, Black Flag, Thin Lizzy and Hawkwind, the result is an epic album equally punk and metal, with none of the tired trappings of either! Truly an American original, now in a gatefold sleeve!
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tc047 (2012)  Gatefold LP - $12.00 - temp. unavailable
tc028 GHOUL
We Came For The Dead!!! & Maniaxe
Tankcrimes Records has made the world an infinitely more brutal place with this CD compiling the first two offal-encrusted offerings from Oakland's (er, we mean Creepsylvania's) Ghoul into one easy-to-devour package! Two already classic(k) records, spanning 19 tracks and featuring such festering hits as "Rot Gut," "Numbskull," and "Suspicious Chunks"! Rumored to harbor known fugitives who also did time in Dystopia, Phobia, Ludicra, and many more!
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tc028 (2012)  CD - $12.00
Cosmic Unconsciousness
Back in stock in time for the armageddon! Annihilation Time are back with a raging 3 song ep- More of their infamous drugged out debauchery, urgent, angry and full of sick licks. 4th press of this CRUCIAL 7-inch!
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tc018 (2009)  7" - $4.00



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