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virus353 I OBJECT
Teaching Revenge
Fast, pissed-off, female-fronted hardcore from upstate New York! I Object embody the D.I.Y. lifestyle, pressing several of thier own releases and booking multiple U.S. and international tours on their own. Now, we're stoked to release- in conjunction with Blacknoise- this aural slap in the fat fucking face of complacent Amerikkka!
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virus353 (2006)  CD - $12.00
virus348 NAUSEA
The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1
Finally back in print! The classic tracks from this late 1980s NYC squatter punk crust band with snarling male/female vocals, tough-as-nails music, and soaring political lyrics! This volume includes their classic "Extinction" LP and a passel of their best 7-inches like "Cybergod" & "Lie Cycle!" Check out "Volume 2" also on AT/Blacknoise!
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virus348 (2005)  CD - $12.00
virus338 NAUSEA
The Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 2: '85-'88
iTunes emusic
Nausea is one of the most influential New York City punk bands ever. Among the first bands to combine raw punk, metal and intense socio-political lyrics, creating a style often imitated but rarely equaled. Dual female/male vocalists trade off over a ferocious musical backdrop, this is the second collection of studio, demo, single, and live tunes from their heyday in the late 1980s! This is the first of several Blacknoise Records releases to be released in cooperation with Alternative Tentacles. "Volume 1" has just been re-released on AT also!
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virus338 (2005)  CD - $12.00



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