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life040 DYSTOPIA
The final Dystopia LP is now out! This record contains 6 new tracks, plus a cover of an unreleased song by Dino's old band CARCINOGEN. This record is the last chapter of Dystopia's existence writing bleak and heavy doom-ridden punk. Both formats include a 20 page full color booklet and the vinyl is pressed on cool clear vinyl! Unstoppable!
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life040 (2009)  CD - $10.00
IV - Self Portrait
This CD-EP finds Savannah, Georgia's Unpersons playing the unpredictable, spastic hardcore they've come to be known for since their formation in 1997. One epic 15-minute track lets loose with feedback-soaked guitars and schizophrenic songwriting, akin to early Rudimentary Peni or a heavier Jesus Lizard. Get it now!!
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life030 (2006)  CD - $10.00
life029 LE SCRAWL
Eager To Please
More eclectic freak out grind from Germany's Le Scrawl. This newest installment continues Le Scrawl's proud tradition of sonic debauchery: grind mixed with ska, jazz and all things weird- along with a stronger metal influence in both songwriting and production than their first LIA release. This band embodies the ugly underbelly of the new millenium!
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life029 (2004)  CD - $10.00
life028 YETI
Volume Obliteration Transcendence
The surviving members of Yeti are back with close to an hour's worth of new music. After losing their keycrusher Doug Ferguson to a pancreatic infection in 2002, the remaining members have written 4 all new and incredibly dark,dismal dirges. Yeti continues to offer a heavier music combining the darker elements of jazz and rock forms. Essential for fans of Yeti, Tarantula Hawk, Man Is The Bastard- wow!
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life028 (2004)  CD - $10.00
life027 DIMLAIA
A tremendously dark album of full-on sonic depression from this Memphis-born group heavy gloomers. Sonically dark and dramatic soundscape compositions drenched with soothing melodies and grey atmospherics. Includes two new tracks along with re-recorded versions of songs from an earlier demo, all of it mixed to perfection by Dave Ed of Neurosis.
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life027 (2003)  CD - $10.00
life026 SKEW WHIFF
Taedium Vitae
Skew Whiff hail from Liege Belgium and play punked out crust with slaying metal guitar leads. Kinda like their previous bands (Hiatus and Medication Time) mixed with a bit of Bleeding Rectum, Scatha, and later Subhumans (UK)! Limited numbers of Polish pressing of LP on Trajaca Fala Records in stock! The LP covers are slightly bent.
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life026 (2003)  CD - $10.00
One Free Miracle Ticket
Mad frantic trash grooves for dysfunctional members of society. Imagine being stuck in an insane asylum with Septic Death, Rudimentary Peni and Wesley Willis and then trying to write a record about your "trip"... only to discover you no longer remember how to play music, more or less tie your own shoes!! Executed by recovering members of Dystopia, Skaven, Criminals, Impulse Items, and Nigel Peppercock.
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life013 (2000)  CD - $10.00
split release
ASUNDER is a doom metal band from Oakland, CA that belt out thick, heavy, slow jams of monstrous proportions: 2 songs of crushing thunderous doom, with sullen guitar hooks and gargantuan vocals. The "short" tune on this side is 9 minutes long! LIKE FLIES ON FLESH from Ft. Worth, TX can best be described to the uninitiated, as an unholy union of, AT THE GATES, and "Killers Era" IRON MAIDEN. Dueling guitar hero war harmonies and chainsaw riffs abound. Vocals (male and female alike) alternate between sullen crooning and maniacal desperation.
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life012 (1999)  CD - $10.00



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