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value015 BLATZ / FILTH
Shit Split LIVE LP deal!
To celebrate the spiky-haired symmetry of both East Bay Punk Bands putting out different LIVE LPs on limited color vinyl, we're bundling both and saving you $10! You'll receive:
-FILTH - Live at Gilman Feb 28 1992 Smoke-colored vinyl
-BLATZ - Mike Montano Oxblood vinyl
Both albums' beneficiaries (Berkeley Needle Exchange & 924 Gilman) will still get their full donation too!
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value015 (2017)  Value LP Pack! - $30.00
filth001 FILTH
Live at Gilman Feb 28 1992
Brand New! Now you can "Walk Through The FILTH" in this time machine back to February 1992, live at the legendary 924 Gilman Street! This 8-song 45 RPM 12" includes 8 spiky East Bay punk classics and proceeds go to the Berkeley Needle Exchange. 500 copies on smoke-colored vinyl! We have very few copies!
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filth001 (2017)  LP - $15.00
zafio50208 BLATZ
Mike Montano
Limited to 502 Black Vinyl & 524 Oxblood Vinyl, this will NEVER be repressed! BLATZ reunited in 2013 to raise $ for Mike/FILTH to fight cancer. This is the ENTIRE BLATZ set- 14 songs- in front of a huge crowd at 924 Gilman in Berkeley. $10 from every sale goes to 924 Gilman!
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zafio50208 (2016)  LP - $20.00 |  Oxblood LP - $20.00
Punk USA: The Rise and Downfall of Lookout! Records
Through hundreds of exclusive and original interviews, Punk USA documents an empire that was built overnight as Lookout! Records sold millions of albums and rode the wave of the second coming of punk rock until it all came crashing down. Features interviews with current AT bands Blatz, Filth, & Pansy Division! Brand New!
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book280 (2014)  Book - $16.00 - temp. unavailable
virus385 BLATZ / FILTH
Shit Split
iTunes emusic
2 East Bay Punk legends- Filth & Blatz- from the 924 Gilman scene. It's suitably schizophrenic, between the female/male vocal attack & musical weirdness of Blatz & the razor-blade vocals & hard driving punk/crust of Filth! The LP comes with the original 2 sided cover & the booklet, while the 2xCD comes with all of both band's discography!
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virus385 (2008)  2xCD - $12.00 |  LP - $12.00
Letters From the Landfill
This Is My Fist, Shotwell, Abandon, and The Peels are here to bring back the spirit of 89'....lets leave 88' to the hardcore kids. Classic Bay Area punk rock with a good dose of both the POP and the PUNK represented here- including the only recording from Jake FILTH's short-lived band Abandon! Featuring a stellar cover by world famous artist Patrick Hynes, this comp is the feel good comp of 2004.
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lotd004 (2004)  LP - $10.00 - temp. unavailable
Wonders Of Giardia
Full-length recording from DEAD AND GONE (under a new guise); abrasive discordance fueled by bass driven rhythms, wailing vocals, thundering drums and noise-damaged guitar. Dark and brooding with just a touch of black eye mascara. AWESOME!!!
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virus232 (1999)  CD - $12.00 |  LP - $12.00



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