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promofleshies FLESHIES
Fleshies Promo Photo
(No 'the,' just) Fleshies! Photo taken by Shrimpy! 5"x7".
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promofleshies (2013)  Promo Photo S - $2.00
Sweet shit of Christ, it's another Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits record! It's been about a decade, but Corbett and Dan are back at it with some help from friends - including Jon Mink (Fleshies, Triclops!), Jesse from Blatz, The Criminals, The Frisk, and many more, belting out 13 alternately disturbing, hilarious, and avant garde classics in a mixture of rock, pop, folk, country, and just about every other genre out there!
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silver026 (2011)  CD - $10.00
We See Monsters
Street Eaters are a toughie to nail down. They have an awesome discordancy vs. melody battle going on - the bass has that "muddy/clean" combination that's damn hard to describe unless you hear it. No guitar worship here (actually no guitar at all!), just bassist and drummer that both sing. Comparisons are tough with this Berkeley band; just know that it's catchy, raw, and fun (though not all the lyrics are so lighthearted!)
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bak024 (2010)  CDEP - $6.00 |  12"EP - $10.00
virus412 TRICLOPS!
Helpers On The Other Side
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Adding some flourishes to the formula established on their debut "Out Of Africa," Alternative Tentacles flagship band Triclops! continues its assault on all pretenders to the punk/psych/prog throne! The sound on this album is varied, but the lazy writer might say its akin to fIREHOSE crossing streams with Goblin in an acid vat. There's even an acoustic bridge in "With SARS, I'll ride the wind" that sounds like a fever-warbled classic rock jammer.

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virus412 (2010)  CD - $12.00 |  LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00
virus380 TRICLOPS!
Out Of Africa
iTunes emusic
Mix Fleshies, Victim's Family, Bottle & Skulls, shake and then stir, leaven punk fury with psyche tension, allow to rise. Rise to Rock And Roll DOMINATION, that is! Here's the eagerly awaited debut full-length from our favorite new foursome of fearless musical madmen: TRICLOPS! The LP comes with a CD included for easy digitalization & is on WHITE VINYL!
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virus380 (2008)  CD - $12.00 |  LP + CD - $12.00
virus361 FLESHIES
Scrape The Walls
After three long years, here's the latest record from Oakland punk-fuzz-rock-?!? faves Fleshies! Breaking away from the punk rock tradition of banging out a record in a few days, they took their damned sweet time making the most ridiculous album possible. This is a spirited 17-song record that successfully molests punk rock. Including a Sparks cover with Jello Biafra on co-vocals, "Scrape the Walls" bounces everywhere from somewhat sunny-dispositioned pseudo anthems to sludgy, stoner rock-esque castings. Yes, it's all glazed with Fleshies' unmistakable sense of fuck-you humor.
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virus361 (2006)  CD - $12.00 |  LP - $12.00
virus297 FLESHIES
The Sicilian
This unrelenting assault pushes punk in a new direction. Loud, hilarious, concise and ugly: FLESHIES whip audiences into a frenzy. Producer Alex Newport wrung the savviest sounds of subversion from one of the world's foremost fun and intelligent bands. The Sound of the New Punk Rock!
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virus297 (2003)  CD - $12.00
The Game of Futbol
Fleshies fun project between A.T. albums : 6 new songs not on either A.T. album. This is released on Adeline Records. 14 and a half minutes o' punque melodics in the form of a "concept ep" dealing with the game of Futbol...
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ar021 (2002)  CDEP - $8.00
Apocalypse Always
Kick ass and cheap compilation! 72 minutes of : punk, spoken word, pop, roots, fuzz, gothbient, ruledness. 26 tracks. 10 EXCLUSIVE to this CD. Coolness from 1983-2002!
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virus277 (2002)  CD - $5.00
No frickin' way! A split single by veterans Victim's Family and rookies Fleshies? This rules! Both of these songs do not appear on any of their Alternative Tentacles albums. They are, like, exclusive, man! We've unearthed some copies of this formerly out-of-stock wax classic!
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virus270 (2001)  7" - $3.00



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