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We Cut Loose!
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Pilot Scott Tracy is a brainchild of Scott and Tracy Cox-Stanton, formerly of the Causey Way. It is a flight of fantasy based on the good old days of air travel when stewardesses coddled you with free beverages and fluffed pillows. Their music, described by one critic as "aggressively homo," is sometimes raw, sometimes pretty, sometimes serious, sometimes silly, a delicious collision of early punk and new wave. It's more diverse than their excellent first AT release, Any City- check out this high-flying release!
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virus356 (2006)  CD - $12.00
Any City
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Brand New from Causey Way folks! Pilot Scott Tracy takes a two-pronged approach: Scott pairs his fuzzed-out guitar with manic vocals while Tracy's tender voice floats over polished synth pop leads—kinda like getting Man... Or Astroman and Ladytron, or The Polysics and Stereo Total in one band. Brand New from the pioneers of the punk-new wave hybrid you love to pop out to!
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virus328 (2005)  CD - $12.00
Apocalypse Always
Kick ass and cheap compilation! 72 minutes of : punk, spoken word, pop, roots, fuzz, gothbient, ruledness. 26 tracks. 10 EXCLUSIVE to this CD. Coolness from 1983-2002!
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virus277 (2002)  CD - $5.00
virus246 CAUSEY WAY
Causey vs. Everything
This is their best album to date melding new wave newness with a smorgy of keyboards and hipster nerdiness in their faux-cult schtick. They have decided to thwart un-authorized duplication of this CD by - cunningly - including a FREE extra CD of their album in their CD, for you to share with a loved one! CAUSEY IS AWESOME!!!!!
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virus246 (2001)  CD - $12.00 |  LP - $12.00
virus246-p CAUSEY WAY
Causey vs. Everything - Poster
Poster from their final album!! Now The Causey Way is Pilot Scott Tracy. Check out their two AT records, 'We Cut Loose!' and 'Any City'!
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virus246-p (2001)  Poster - $3.00
Ecstasy of the Agony
Newly found backstock of this classic comp! A cheap-o sampler for the kids. 30 bands for $5.00 - that's 16 cents a song! Artwork by Winston Smith!! Great cross-section of eclectic Alternative Tentacles recordings, from hardcore, demented pop, spoken word, new wave, country, punk, and so on. Exclusive tracks as well as previously released from the likes of Ratos de Porao, Wesley Willis, Chomsky, and many more!

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virus252 (2000)  CD - $5.00
virus231 CAUSEY WAY
With Loving And Open Arms
Full-length debut from CULT favorite THE CAUSEY WAY. A post Devo-esque sound, featuring one member of Man or Astroman ? You don't need to stand waist-deep in water to become converted. Michael Stipe invited them over for grits!!
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virus231 (1999)  CD - $12.00 |  LP - $12.00



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