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2017 Organizer & Datebook
Every year radical mainstay Slingshot Collective puts out this jam-packed, multicolor organizer & datebook- it comes in a variety of colors- all with rad hand-silk-screened covers! Packed full of state-smashing tidbits- mostly dates in history and d.i.y. art- plus there's also resource lists, tips on resisting police, a handy menstrual calendar, and tons of other stuff. Indispensable! Comes in various colors, as always!
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book122 (2016)  Organizer - $4.00 ($6.00 list) |  Datebook - $10.00 ($12.00 list) - temp. unavailable
Read Army Faction
Join The Weakerthans, Hot Water Music, Avail, and Discount on this limited edition 7" on various colors of vinyl, complete with full-color John Yates artwork. Four great bands, four great songs available for the first time on vinyl! Released as a benefit for AK Press.
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aka001 (2012)  7" - $3.00
dvd76 AK PRESS
March 20, 2003-the day after the Iraq war began-15,000 people effectively shut down the financial district of San Francisco and sent a powerful and resounding message to the bigwigs upstairs. This DVD explores the highs, lows, pitfalls, and victories regarding the protest, plus provides valuable information on mass organization and a critical inquiry as to why it wasn't enough to bring the war grinding to a halt. A must-have for anyone involved or concerned with the fight for social justice!
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dvd76 (2009)  DVD - $12.00
My First Time: A Collection of First Punk Show Stories
Remember your first show? Browse through the hilarious, fascinating tales of the first times of a ton of people, including punk rock celebs like Blake/Jawbreaker, Boff/Chumbawumba, Blag/Dwarves. Everyone from authors to label owners to band members to The Kids (tm) are represented here. Brand New!
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book215 (2007)  Book - $14.00
Beating The Devil - The Incendiary Rants of Alexander Cockburn
A "wittiest of" nationally known maverick commentator Alex Cockburn recent talks. Subjects he defiles range from Colombia to the American Presidency to the missile defense system. Whether he's skewering the fallacies of the U.S. Drug War or illuminating the dark crevices of secret government, his erudite and extemporaneous style warms the hearts of even the stodgiest cynics of the left.
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virus284 (2002)  CD - $12.00
An American Addiction: Drugs, Guerillas....intervention in Colombia
Colombia is now the 3rd largest recipient of US foreign & military aid, the justification for which is the War on Drugs. In a clear, concise and sometimes bitterly funny lecture, NOAM CHOMSKY shows us who is getting the money, who is producing and exporting the drugs, and what the war on the ground is really about. In the ongoing debate over whether Columbia will become the 'next Vietnam,' CHOMSKY'S analysis will provide a great introduction to the Columbian elite, the role of the US media, how 'development' works. Imagine Traffic starring CHOMSKY instead of Michael Douglas.
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virus271 (2001)  CD - $12.00
virus241 HOWARD ZINN
Heroes and Martyrs: Emma Goldman, Sacco & Vanzetti
Howard Zinn: "But I always belived you should go in and, as tempting as it is to stay, come out, and bring some of that stuff out with you and apply it to what's going on today". Alternative History lecturer latest audio release in his humorous and unpretentious style digging up some shocking and enlightening stuff in history. 2 CDs that never fail to entertain and educate.
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virus241 (2001)  2xCD - $15.00
virus255 HOWARD ZINN
Stories Hollywood Never Tells
In this talk given at the Taos Film Festival, Zinn turns his attention to Hollywood, the stories it tells and the ones it doesn't. He tells the stories of wars from the point of view of disillusioned deserters, of the differences between All Quiet on the Western Front and Saving Private Ryan, of railroad strikes; the Haymarket Affair, Eugene Debs and the real story of Helen Keller, socialist and anti-war agitator.
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virus255 (2001)  CD - $12.00
Less Rock, More Talk: A Spoken Word Compilation
Spoken word collection from the cutting edge. Music never sounded this good : Jello Biafra, Mykel Board, Penny Rimbaud (Crass), Noam Chomsky, Peter Plate, and Michael Gira (Swans) entertain and inform.
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virus254 (2000)  CD - $12.00
virus234 ANGELA Y. DAVIS
The Prison Industrial Complex
Not only does this Black Panther-turned-professor dissect the Prison Industrial Complex, she also discusses the evils of Nike, corporate crimes, the demonization of immigrants, and crimes against the environment. This 1997 talk from Boulder, Colorado offers a succinct yet compelling argument that the time to stop prison expansion is now. Angela Davis is a legendary speaker, known for the clarity & subtlety of her thought and the compelling compassion of her delivery.
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virus234 (1999)  CD - $12.00



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