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Walk on Jindals Splinters
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Here it is at last! The long-rumored, sweat-soaked live album from the night Bill Davis (Dash Rip Rock) and Fred Le Blanc (Cowboy Mouth) dared Jello Biafra to join them during Jazzfest and sing all classic New Orleans soul, rhythm and blues, and (at Jello's request) garage songs!
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virus400 (2015)  CD - $10.00 ($12.00 list) |  LP + DOWNLOAD - $10.00 ($12.00 list)
virus449 DASH RIP ROCK
Black Liquor
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Brand New!!! Recorded at the infamous Studio in the Country, "Black Liquor" effortlessly melds rock, swamp, garage, and punk influences into one blistering guitar album with a haunting and quirky indie country ballad and pop voodoo paean rounding it out. This album brings classic Dash Rip Rock back home with its straightforward songwriting, authentic roots, and raw talent honed by years of touring - the future of Southern Rock here today!
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virus449 (2012)  CD - $12.00
virus418 DASH RIP ROCK
Call of the Wild
Call of the Wild is a true southern party record from one of New Orleans' longest-running rock'n'roll'n'twang bands! Every song is about partying, being at a party or the characters you might meet at a party! Brand New!
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virus418 (2010)  CD - $12.00
virus372 DASH RIP ROCK
Hee Haw Hell
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Classic album from the undisputed kings of Southern Country Punk! This follow-up to Recyclone is a country punk opera based on Dante's Inferno?!? With spoken parts and good ol' rock-n-roll, Dash Rip Rock tells the story of Donkey's tour of Hell (populated by ghosts of Lynrd Skynrd and hippie jam bands) with Ol' Virg. As if a country-punkified version of a 14th century Italian epic poem isn't over the top, guest stars (including Mojo Nixon and Jello Biafra) guarantee that Hee Haw Hell is a true piece de resistance!
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virus372 (2007)  CD - $12.00
virus329 DASH RIP ROCK
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Here's Dash Rip Rock's baddest, bawdiest and rowdiest tunes from throughout their history! It's a perfect introduction for the uninitiated- and a great drinking soundtrack for the band's beer-hounding faithful. This compilation of outrageously raucous countrified punk shows that Dash Rip Rock have serious chops, but are intent on not taking life too seriously. Their parodies and piss-takes of rock classics are in a league all their own, as evidenced by their "hit" single, "Let's Go Smoke Some Pot." Check out their 2007 cd Hee Haw Hell. Bottoms up!
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virus329 (2005)  CD - $12.00



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