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spin029 KYLESA
Static Tensions
Album #4 marks album number two for Kylesa with their 5 piece, 2 drummer lineup after 2006's monumental breakthrough Time Will Fuse Its Worth. Kylesa further progressing with their songwriting, both in terms of the psychedelia and the sheer brute force and memorable structures they've become known for over the course of their career. This vinyl reissue is on sea-foam green!
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spin029 (2012)  LP - $12.00
virus444 KYLESA
Time Will Fuse Its Worth
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Remastered by the band, this is the 3rd release from Savannah, GA's mighty Kylesa. For this 2006 record, Kylesa expanded their line-up to include 2 drummers, taking a harder approach then they did on their previous record To Walk A Middle Course. With a thicker, punchier, heavier rhythm section, they forged a sound that is uniquely theirs!
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virus444 (2012)  LP + Patch - $12.00 - temp. unavailable
virus443 KYLESA
To Walk A Middle Course
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We're proud to reissue the 2nd full-length from Kylesa on vinyl. Newly remastered by the band, this metal classic helped forge the path for Kylesa's overthrow of the metal underground. "To Walk A Middle Course" is a crucial piece of the Kylesa puzzle. It's a cornerstone of their unique sound, with influences ranging from punk to stoner rock. We also just reissued their classic Time Will Fuse Its Worth!
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virus443 (2012)  LP - $12.00



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