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book279 GARY FLOYD
Please Bee Nice: My life Up 'Til Now
Brand new!! Underground rock'n'roll icon and queer-punk radical, Gary Floyd looks back on his life as front man for the politically driven punk band, The Dicks and the controversy of homophobic America during the Reagan years.
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book279 (9 Oct 2014)  Book - $10.00 - coming soon
virus442 THE DICKS
The three-track Peace? 7-inch was the first release from the reconstituted Dicks (after moving to San Francisco) and revealed the unit to be as intimidating as ever. Alternative Tentacles is proud to present this essential document of 1980s punk, remastered with love by Jello Biafra.
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virus442 (2013)  7"+download - $5.00
virus437 THE DICKS
Kill From The Heart
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It's finally here, the 1st studio record from the Dicks. Out of print since its original release many years ago, and now remastered by Jello Biafra! You can pick up the 1-2-3-4-Go! Hate The Police 7" to match the vinyl, or grab the CD version, which includes the Dicks Hate The Police 7" as bonus tracks. Regardless, if you buy the LP you'll also get the Dicks Hate The Police as a free download!
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virus437 (2012)  CD - $12.00 |  LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00
virus438 THE DICKS
These People
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These People is a pretty amazing record. It may not have as many F-bombs as Kill From The Heart but it easily stands on its own merit. It's a timeless record with punk anthems like Dead In A Motel Room and The Police (Force). The CD version includes the thrashing Peace? EP as bonus tracks.
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virus438 (2012)  CD - $12.00 |  LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00 - temp. unavailable
Hate The Police
Newly restocked! From our pals at 1-2-3-4-Go!, it's the 1st legitimate pressing in over 30 years! Remastered by George Horn of Fantasy Studios fame with Jello Biafra in 2012. Quintessential Texas Hardcore/Punk. Hugely influential to so many from Mudhoney to Limp Wrist. Unapologetically communist, gay and pissed off. Brand new and a perfect companion to our reissue of Kill From The Heart!
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go53 (2012)  7" - $6.00 - temp. unavailable
Apocalypse Always
Kick ass and cheap compilation! 72 minutes of : punk, spoken word, pop, roots, fuzz, gothbient, ruledness. 26 tracks. 10 EXCLUSIVE to this CD. Coolness from 1983-2002!
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virus277 (2002)  CD - $5.00
Ecstasy of the Agony
Newly found backstock of this classic comp! A cheap-o sampler for the kids. 30 bands for $5.00 - that's 16 cents a song! Artwork by Winston Smith!! Great cross-section of eclectic Alternative Tentacles recordings, from hardcore, demented pop, spoken word, new wave, country, punk, and so on. Exclusive tracks as well as previously released from the likes of Ratos de Porao, Wesley Willis, Chomsky, and many more!

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virus252 (2000)  CD - $5.00
virus237 BLACK KALI MA
You Ride The Pony (I'll Be The Bunny)
Gary Floyd (The Dicks, Sister Double Happiness) meat-n-potatoes blues ' n' roll. This is the rock. The logical extension of Sister Double Happiness. No wannabe retro-rock; this is The Rock!
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virus237 (2000)  CD - $12.00 |  LP - $12.00
virus237-p BLACK KALI MA
You Ride The Pony (I'll Be The Bunny) - Poster
Black Kali Ma - the official poster for this great rock n roll album. Original design by Pretty Bunny 2000.
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virus237-p (2000)  Poster - $3.00



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