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virus456 REALLY RED
New Strings For Old Puppets
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Finally in one place are all the highly sought after REALLY RED 7"s, plus more from the early days that has never been released in ANY form until now, including a song that only existed on a cassette in Jello Biafra's personal collection! Lovingly curated and re-mastered to create a kick ass album that holds up against the music of today!
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virus456 (2015)  LP - $14.00
virus455 REALLY RED
Rest In Pain
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The long lost second REALLY RED album that most fans didn't even know existed! Unavailable for almost 30 years, all tracks have been restored and remastered by Jello Biafra, to bring out a sound that was fiercer and heavier then their previous work! Remember why the music of the 80's was the only thing that didn't suck!
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virus455 (2015)  LP - $14.00
virus454 REALLY RED
Teaching You The Fear
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The legendary first album by REALLY REDthat's been unavailable since it was re-issued once 10 years ago! More manic and locked-in then the early singles, this is REALLY RED in their prime! A true classic of it's time - or ANY time! Restored from the original tapes and re-mastered by Jello Biafra!
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virus454 (2015)  LP - $14.00
virus457 REALLY RED
Teaching You The Fear- The Complete Collection 1978-1985
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Alternative Tentacles is proud to present the first-ever complete reissue of Texas Punk legends, REALLY RED. None of their catalog has been available for years some not for decades! For CD buyers,this has it all here in one double-disc set, presenting the sound better then it has ever been, so hear them again for the first time or the first time EVER!
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virus457 (2015)  2xCD - $16.00



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