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virus493 PACHINKO
State Your Grievances
For 2 decades, Mad-City madmen PACHINKO have been biding their time, collecting bad vibes and weirdness to unleash on unsuspecting audiences world-wide! Not only is "State Your Grievances" their 1st record since 1999, JELLO BIAFRA calls it their best since their 1st Alternative Tentacles LP "Behind the Green Pachinko" from 1996!

Download the album HERE from Revolver USA!
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virus493 (2017)  Digital only! - out of print
promopachinko PACHINKO
Pachinko Promo Photo
Pachinko! In flaming hats! 5"x7" glossy promo photograph.
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promopachinko (2013)  Promo Photo S - $2.00
Ecstasy of the Agony
Newly found backstock of this classic comp! A cheap-o sampler for the kids. 30 bands for $5.00 - that's 16 cents a song! Artwork by Winston Smith!! Great cross-section of eclectic Alternative Tentacles recordings, from hardcore, demented pop, spoken word, new wave, country, punk, and so on. Exclusive tracks as well as previously released from the likes of Ratos de Porao, Wesley Willis, Chomsky, and many more!

iTunes emusic
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virus252 (2000)  CD - $5.00
virus230 PACHINKO
Splendor In The Ass II: Electric Boogaloo
The PACHINKO machine has awoken. More brutal. Bigger. More filling. Muscle pounce-rock with that gut-wrench feeling you've come to enjoy from these Mad-City nutjobs!
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virus230 (1999)  CD - $12.00 |  LP - $12.00
Maximum Avant Cruelty!
Kick ass exclusve tracks by some of the gnarliest noise-punk bands ever on A.T.! One tune each from Buzzkill, Pachinko, Thrall, and Ultra Bidé. We just found a hidden stash of this sludgy slab of sonic slaughter, so don't sleep on this one!
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virus204 (1997)  7" - $5.00
virus190 PACHINKO
Behind The Green Pachinko
The finest musical thuggery that Madison has to offer! Hard to pin down their sound - just honest to goodness messed-up sonic mayhem, AmRep mixed with Among The Thugs and your favorite 40 ouncer!

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virus190 (1996)  CD - $12.00 |  LP - $12.00
virus176 PACHINKO
El Diablo En Señorita Pachinko
Midwest punk noise done with majesty.
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virus176 (1996)  7" - $3.00
The Day The Needles Stood Still
A.T.'s cheap way of making six vinyl-only singles available on CD. The sampler from early 1996 : Saturn's Flea Collar (Victim's Family; Hellworms), Life After Life, Buzzkill, Molotov Cocktail, Pachinko, Radiopuhelimet. 6 7" singles yielding 22 tracks on this CD-only release.
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virus180 (1996)  CD - $10.00



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