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Logo Patch
Back in stock! Sweet cloth patch- the classic AT bat logo in silver screenprinted on a 4" by 4" maroon background! This is Jello's favorite color combination for the bat logo & the same version that is standard on the B-side of most of our records. Now you can share the Bat bad-assedness! Or is that BAT-assedness? Classic!
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batpatchmaroon (2010)  Patch - $3.00 - temp. unavailable
inthegripposter JELLO BIAFRA
In The Grip Poster
We just found the last copies of this big, beautiful 18" x 24" full color glossy Jello poster from his epic In The Grip of Official Treason spoken word record! Art by the always incredible Winston Smith! Poster comes folded flat. Very few left!
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inthegripposter (2007)  Poster - $5.00
virus358 FISH KARMA
The Theory of Intelligent Design
iTunes emusic Bandcamp
Born, raised, and infected in Tucson, AZ, Fish has turned heads, blew minds, and tickled funnybones for a couple of decades. These songs feature his unique skewerings of the dark side of Americana as mutated into the sun-damaged retirees, townies, and pleasure-seekers only the Southwest could create. The music is more basement rock than acoustic this time around. The stunning cover art is, of course, by Winston Smith. Kind of outsider, kind of blind-sider, with a barb or two at supply-siders, Fish Karma's in the tent to enlighten and mangle your mind!
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virus358 (2006)  CD - $12.00
Liberty Toast
iTunes emusic
Awesome one-two punch of political awareness and punk backbone from this incendiary Boston punk band! Punk and hardcore inspired by the likes of Econochrist, Aus Rotten, The Proletariat, Mission of Burma, and Crass. Singer J.R.'s life experience as a full-time union organizer lends his lyrics a truth and political edge that can't be bought at Hot Topic. Produced by Steve Austin (Today Is The Day, Unsane, Converge) and featuring guest spots by Jello Biafra and DJ Molotov, this great cd also has soon-to-be-classic art by Winston Smith!
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virus354 (2006)  CD - $12.00
The Big Ka-Boom, Part One
Jello Biafra's follow-up to Become The Media . It is only 1 CD this time and focuses entirely on the September 11 terrorist attacks and the even-uglier aftermath. Jello digs up the dirt on George W. Bush's staff and details some historical events that may have contributed to the attacks.
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virus276 (2002)  LP - $8.00 - temp. unavailable |  CD - $10.00
Beyond The Valley Of The Gift Police
The nightmare and swindle continues in the Clinton era. Solutions are detailed here too, in what may be Biafra's most personal spoken word album.
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virus150 (1994)  Triple Cassette - $10.00 |  3xCD - $16.00 |  3xLP - $16.00
The Sky Is Falling And I Want My Mommy
Vinyl newly repressed! The 2nd recording to emerge from the Terminal City Ricochet sessions, from Jello Biafra and Nomeansno! Includes an alternate version of "Falling Space Junk" and the LP comes with a free digital download of this classic Jello Biafra collaboration!
iTunes emusic
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virus085 (1991)  Cassette - $5.00 |  CD - $12.00 - temp. unavailable |  LP + DOWNLOAD - $12.00 - temp. unavailable
High Priest Of Harmful Matter
A blow-by-blow account of the Frankenchrist trial and the ugly roots of anti-music censorship. As close to Lenny Bruce as Biafra would ever want to get. iTunes

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virus066 (1989)  Cassette - $8.00 |  2xLP - out of print |  2xCD - $15.00
Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors
FINALLY BACK IN PRINT! Taken from the Terminal City Ricochet recording sessions! The album-length result of Biafra's collaboration with long-time associates D.O.A.. Tough, smart, and rockin!
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virus078 (1989)  Cassette - $5.00 |  CD - $12.00
White Logo On Black Shirt
Winston Smith's famous AT logo shirt. Logo on front of shirt. Classic!
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Shirt A (1980)  Ladies Large - $20.00 |  Ladies Medium - $20.00 |  Ladies Small - $20.00 |  Ladies XLarge - $20.00 |  Ladies XXLarge - $20.00 |  Unisex Large - $20.00 |  Unisex Medium - $20.00 |  Unisex Small - $20.00 |  Unisex XL - $20.00 |  Unisex XXL - $22.00



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