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Any City
virus328 (2005) CD - $12.00
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From the ashes of The Causey Way rise Pilot Scott Tracy, an airline-themed outfit fronted by Scott (formerly known as Causey) and Tracy Cox-Stanton, and featuring other former cult members.

Still firmly entrenched in the punk-new wave hybrid they pioneered before it became an identifiable trend, Pilot Scott Tracy takes a two-pronged approach. Scott pairs his fuzzed-out guitar with manic vocals while Tracy's tender voice floats over polished synth pop leads-kinda like getting Man... Or Astroman and Ladytron, or The Polysics and Stereo Total in one band. Their first album "Flight 0713" on What Else? Records received minimal distribution, so this is the first time in years that material from these creative types masquerading as pilots and stewardesses has been available to most of the world.

Pilot Scott Tracy features former members of The Causey Way, including Causey himself, and a member of Man... Or Astroman Clone Project. "Any City" is produced by Andy Baker/Zero Return (Man... Or Astroman, Mooney Suzuki, Black Keys, Cat Power). Brand New!

"PST picks up right where [The] Causey [Way] left off, but there are some new twists in their sound and appoach to writing. Crunchy guitars, tight drums and spooky sci-fi keyboards are all still in full effect but some cuts feature full on sequencing and old school drum machines."
- Satellite Gainesville

"Ex-Causey Way members dish out some seriously rad neo-new wave/punk rock/electro-pop here. You could conceivably dance to it, emote to it while wearing all black, and/or make out to it. This album indulges in both emotional darkness and celebratory sing-alongs, and dueling male-female vocals spread themselves over the guitar/synth melodies with weird-poignant lyrics and ultra-cool hooks."
- Slug Magazine



1. "Human Earthquake" (1:44)
2. "Right On" (1:52)
3. "Big Fan" (2:16)
4. "Return To My Home" (4:37)
5. "The Time Has Come" (3:36)
6. "Daisies" (4:03)
7. "Mother Mary" (3:16)
8. "Angel Of Death" (3:01)
9. "Babies" (4:28)
10. "Any City" (2:11)
11. "Dust" (1:55)
12. "Master Jack" (2:41)
13. "Take A Flight" (3:29)

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