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cah021 DESPITE
No Promise of Tomorrow
cah021 (2004) CD - $10.00
Despite formed out of the ashes of URBN DK years and years ago and have been going strong since. This powerhouse keeps putting out really brutal releases- this one is a mix of Hardcore and Grind!

"Crazy crust punk from Wisconsin, with triple vocals growled profusely over apocalyptic guitar riffs and really fucking fast drumbeats. The songs are pretty short, but to the fucking point, and the lyrics are translated into Spanish along with the English ones. If you're into crust punk, this is a good album to check out... In a way the guitars remind me of a Scorned Lp I just listened to, but the speed is a lot faster and the vocals are a lot lower in pitch, reminiscnet of Misery or Doom. Pretty fucking crusty!"

- Heartattack Zine

"Dark wailing crustcore from Wisconsin (or Disconsin as it says in the insert) that brings to mind bands like Doom. This band formed out of the demise of URBN DK and has been around for a while. The lyrics are heavy on the politics and anger and they have all been translated into Spanish. A worthy effort for sure."

- Maximum RocknRoll

"This is the first time I've heard Despite and I'm walking away from this disc pretty impressed.  11tracks of ultra heavy crust/grind in just about 18 minutes worth of running time. No bullshit, no filler just 11 powerful tracks that will kick your teeth down your throat.  These guys sort of remind me a bit of His Hero is Gone mixed with some Disgust and a bit of Napalm Death in there for good measure.  The songs are pretty much fast, straightforward crust anthems with fast as hell drumming and devastating riffs that just tear through your speakers.  Every now and then they toy with some interesting riffing styles that really make the listener take notice.  The way the first riff starts out in the track "Dependence" almostsounds a bit sludgy and then it speeds up and shifts into a vicious crust assault.  They pull out another little neat opening riff at the beginning of the title track, which is oddly melodic before they kick the speed up a notch and some snarling vocals come into play.  I really dig the vocals on this record ranging from deep death growls, to high pitched screams and more traditional pissed off shouting.  The death growls take center stage and sound great, really adding an extra element of heaviness to their overall sound.  In fact the whole vocal delivery is what gives the album its grindcore edge and I've always dug the hell out of that whole crust/grind mixture.  Top notch disc in every respect and I hope to go back and check out some of these guys' past work because I'm pretty sure this is not their only release.  If you dig crust and grind, then Despite should be right up your alley!  Good stuff."


"Bob and his troop of road warriors are back with another devastating Cd of apocalyptic motherufckin' crust. 11 songs in 18 minutes the band keeps their doom-ridded attack fresh by avoiding d-beat formulas and 80's metal - they just keep thrashing the crust as if there is no tomorrow. Forget all of the Doom comparisons people throw at this band. Despite have survived the test of time."

- Equalizing X Distort Zine

"This disconsin band plays heavy with a gnarled style. The vocals are extremely deep and gruff. The guitars pummel and shread with an almost discordant vibration to them. The sound is thick and heavy, yet one of the guitars is higher pitched and raging over top. The extremely deep vocals lean this in a grind direction, with the thick throttled sound pushing that way too. I have managed to overlook this band for awhile, so I'm not that familiar with their past releases. This one is good, albiet a bit more grind than I usually go for, but this falls just short of the blast beat mayhem, which is good for me. They pumel the shit out of a drop tuned guitar with totally guttural vocals, while the whole pace of this throbs in a dis-beat style that also goes beyond into a thicker combo of crust-grind-punkcore dis style, and I'm into it. Another crust fist in the air band, with a super fucking heavy style."

- Slug And Lettuce Zine

"This Disconsin band promises nothing but devastation and rot to come from the corruption of our everday lives on their 2nd full-length album. Ripping on the Amerikkan dream and the decay that it creates for us all. Also pointing out that misery today comes from those who control our country and the media lies that are created to keep the in power. The lyrics also come in Spainish. Brutal fucking crust!"

- Into the Void



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