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Jerks In Progress
virus178 (1996) 7" - $3.00
"There's more to life than this!" said Gabby, as he played guitar for a Rumanian Beatles cover band. So he stage dove off the Iron Curtain, landed in NYC's East Village and formed his own punk band.

We just found a limited stock of this ragin' slab o' wax!

"First of all - child abuse! What mother allowed her child to be covered in green goo? Definitely good intros. Highly original noise punk. Primitive foundation with good dynamics, very promising."
- Gangsta Barbie Bitches

"These boys present roaring punk that will offend the stupid and make the rest of us laugh. "Drive" turns roadkill into a game show, while "Aliens" rants about the problem of crowded waterslides. But just who is that alien baby on the cover?"- Chart

"While the guitar work, song intros, and vocals point to more of a noise rock band, this thing actually just kicks ass! Rockin' tempos, punk fuel, with a creative aspect that should knock a ton of people on their lame asses! A molotov cocktail? Yeah, if it was unexpectedly thrown at you by a friend! Basic fast tight punk rock, with repetitive bass lines holding down the simple rhythms and songs about driving and aliens. The first straightforward punk record I've heard from AT in a while. This is actually pretty good."
- Maximum Rocknroll



1. "Drive" ()
2. "Aliens" ()
3. "Jerks In Progress" ()
4. "Tcts" ()

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