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virus208 LOST GOAT
virus208 (1997) 7" - $3.00
What if The Jesus Lizard ran their tour van full-speed, smack into Sabbath's tour bus? It'd be a big noisy mess with little in the way of survivors. Two women and a guy comb through the debris and press it onto wax. Produced by "Loud" Billy Anderson.

Kick ass tunes lead by the most evil female vocals this side of L7! Hear the best of this dearly departed band on this blazing slab o' rock!

Dark, brooding hardcore with a penchant for obscure and haunting lyrics wrapped in a shroud of mysterious music that sounds like Spitboy lost a duel to the death with Neurosis. This is the soundtrack to your late night terrors. The musical accompaniment to your dreams and nightmares. Just as the legendary Golem was built from clay by a human who didn't comprehend the magnitude of what had been done, Lost Goat build music of a magnitude almost beyond comprehension. (Crass Menagerie Online Newsletter)

Spooky, post-apocalyptic alterna-metal employing a host of effects pedals. Songs about demons, graveyards, cataclysmic power struggles, and other scary stuff, complete with Misfits-style Totenkopf graphics. Lead vocals are the attention-getter, which sit exactly halfway between De La Rocha's (Rage against the Machine) razor-sharp scream and high-pitched, metal-chickness of Ponderosa Superbar devotees Heart. The multifarious and constantly moving guitar pyrotechnics are worth a moment's pause, but don't save the project from eternal damnation. (Bo Pogue, Your Flesh Quarterly)

Evil, psychedelic death metal opera. If you need a bit of a Halloween injection, Lost Goat is perfect. Seriously creepy. (Ink #19 - March 1998)



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