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virus121 ALICE DONUT
virus121 (1993) 7" - $4.00
More of the Donut! 7" and CD feature the title track, off the Untidy Suicides..." LP, plus two brand new studio tracks! Produced, as ever, by Kramer.

"More Donut!..? It's a three-song EP from one of the best indie bands in the land. Although it's not entirely new material, it just might finally get them "the big one" after 5 A.T. releases. Why "the big one" you ask? because it's the most produced Donut I've ever heard, and there's somewhat of a leash on Tom Antona's vocals. Shame! After initial shock and dismay, the damn thing grew on me - dast. As a matter of fact, I sleep with it now.
The title track is a tune that was left off the Untidy Suicides release. It begins with a haunting whistled intro that crawls into a driving minor chord progression. It's a great song (Antona's favorite), but it's not the prize of the EP, "Lady Di" is.
"Lady Di" exemplifies everything I love about Alice Donut, employing a slow, gradual and teasing melody that creates the perfect mood for Antona's sardonic lyrics. Antona tells a tale of the lazy life of Lady Di, whining "C'mon, get up, it's your turn to get up, we're out of cigarettes," and reflecting on the scourge of tabloids asserting, "Lady Di's pregnant with an alien, that hosebag." It's fun for the whole family.
The last track, "Yellow Bridge," is a wonderful guitar jam with a groovy bass line and distant vocals. If this EP is an accurate depiction of an impending full-length release, I'll really enjoy it - but it won't be my favorite Donut."
- Pandemonium

"Three punk-rock, drug damaged, off-kilter tunes. What else would you expect from Alice Donut? The B-side has a song that seemed to go on forever. Must have been that sleepy slide guitar."
- Maximum Rock N Roll



1. "Medication" (4:06)
2. "Lady Di" (4:46)
3. "The Yellow Bridge" (3:28)

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