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Expand The Hive
virus203 (1997) CD - $12.00
Finally repressed! This classic cd is from the band that restored our faith in the power of political hardcore! Together for more than a decade, they developed their own brand of hardcore in the mountains of Santa Fe, NM. These guys were the real shit- listen to the tightest rage you"ll ever hear!

This repress is on cd-only, so don't sleep on it!

"Every now and again, an album comes along that not only blows your mind but also blows your speakers. Logical Nonsense's third LP, Expand the Hive, is such an album. That the inner sleeve pictures a nuclear explosion is no coincidence.

Formed in 1989 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the closest comparison to their ferocious sound is Neurosis playing Sepultura during an air raid!"

- Kerrang!

"Holy crap! This disc is insane! Dark, twisted, maniacal hardcore played at breakneck speed. This is one of the angriest and most bitter albums of the year. Logical Nonsense pull no punches as they tear into their music. They mercilessly attack their instruments in an all out war on your senses. Many bands capture a visceral sound, this band are visceral in a literal way... They rip your guts outs. If you want the creeps listen to their abduction nightmare "Grey Skies." If you are a nazi idiot (the only kind of nazi there is) listen to "Red Knuckles." Shall we call it destructo core?"

- Crass Menagerie



1. "Reckoning" (2:27)
2. "Death Approach" (2:57)
3. "Half Life" (2:25)
4. "Expand The Hive" (2:21)
5. "Rift" (2:42)
6. "Riot Music" (1:32)
7. "Grey Skies" (3:09)
8. "Unable To" (2:54)
9. "Head First" (2:01)
10. "Burn" (2:59)
11. "Red Knuckles" (2:04)
12. "Hypo-Christian" (2:42)
13. "Turn Away" (2:39)
14. "Binge" (1:27)
15. "Bonus Track" (1:00)

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Logical Nonsense

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