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The Red, White, and Black
virus325 (2004) LP - $12.00 - temp. unavailable
Alternative Tentacles Records is proud to present the fourth full-length explosion from soul-garage mainstays The Bellrays. The whole punk and soul craze started here. From the moment they burst onto the international stage, the reaction has been "WOW!" Among the early converts were Jello Biafra, who came away from his first dose raving, "At last! Picture Tina Turner or Aretha Franklin fronting a garage band. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time!"

At once sexy and intelligent, passionate and stark, The Bellrays are like a kick in the balls from James Brown: we like to call their music "Maximum Rock & Soul." They splice together the Rock (yep, with a capital R) of MC5, The Stooges, and The Who with the groove of Parliament, James Brown, and Miles Davis. The Bellrays belt out visceral music that emanates straight from the heart. Lead singer Lisa Kekaula's soulfully electric vocals perfect the gritty bluesmeets-garage instrumentation, upping the emotional power to overdrive.

This is the domestic release of their now-out-of-print 4th cd from 2003!

"Amidst the never-ending parade of Detroit garage rock poseurs, veteran West Coast quartet The Bellrays stands out as on of the few legit heirs to Motown's legacy. Balancing gritty R&B influences brought by fire-breathing soul siren Lisa Kekaula and the corrosive Gibson SG abuse pounded out by guitarist Tony Fate, the Bellrays have refined a unique brand of gospel-punk fury over 12 years of self-released recordings and scorching live performances.

Critics strain to encapsulate the band's sound with pithy comparisons (the ever-popular "Aretha Franklin jamming with the MC5" or "Etta James fronting Black Flag"), but onstage the Bellrays deliver tehir self-advertised "maximum rock and soul" with an ecstatic fervor that transcends description. Long deserving of a wider audience, they might be on the verge of a major breakthrough thanks to their song "Revolution Get Down" being picked up for a national ad campaign and their current high-profile tour supporting the Pixies."
- San Francisco Weekly

"The Bellrays are awesome, soulful rock! Let's get that out in the air before I discuss this release. I've been following these guys for the past 3 or 4 years now and I am never disappointed. They combine soul, punk, and rock in such a way that I am not sure as to why anybody would refuse them. 'The Red, White & Black' sees them really maturing into their sound. The production is a lot cleaner than anything I have heard from them in the past. The songs are also a lot more developed. They still retain their signature sound and style, but in a more polished way. Great stuff!"
- Dirt Culture



1. "Remember" (3:35)
2. "Street Corner" (3:14)
3. "Sister Disaster" (2:05)
4. "Fanfare" (0:38)
5. "You'r Sorry Now" (2:21)
6. "Mele Ipu Ekahi" (0:11)
7. "Revolution Get Down" (2:41)
8. "Used To Be" (3:10)
9. "Find Someone To Believe In" (1:29)
10. "You're Sorry Now (Slight Return)" (0:21)
11. "Making Up For Lost Time" (2:58)
12. "Some Confusion City" (2:58)
13. "Poison Arrow" (3:45)
14. "Black Is The Color" (1:38)
15. "D-Am" (1:17)
16. "Stone Rain" (2:35)
17. "Noise Epic" (0:26)
18. "Rude Awakening" (1:16)
19. "Voodoo Train" (3:48)
20. "Startime" (1:08)
21. "Hele Ipu Elua" ()

The Bellrays

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