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Just Trip
virus192 (1997) CD - $12.00
Biafra's comment: "Finally an S.F. band with a totally unique sound." Here's the debut full-length from SF & Czech ex-members of Plastic People of the Universe. Think Gogol Bordello 10 years earlier, crossed with the best of Prague and Frisco has to offer!

"Many musicians think suffering for their art entails low-paying gigs and postering in hot weather. I'm sure members of Life After Life would tell you differently, since two of their brood were prosecuted in Communist Czechoslovakia for playing in non-state-sanctioned bands, and drummer Jaroslav was twice imprisoned for playing at underground shows. The bio labels them a cross between the Pogues and Neurosis, and truthfully there are elements of both groups, but Life After Life, for the most part, sound like a folk band being abused by the Dead Kennedys. Vocalist/accordionist Jim Cert sings most of this album in his native tongue and gives it a rather novel feel, but may also limit this album's appeal."
- Exclaim

"LAL have a big sound - as big as it is original. At first look, it seems these guys would be some sort of new wave freaks, but nay! Their music is intense, heavy and carries a surprising power to it. Keyboards and accordion help to give an added distinctness. LAL have a fresh, if a little skewed approach to their music that makes it worth checking out."
- Crunch Factory

"After being bowled over by their Alternative Tentacles debut 7", I was eagerly anticipating this full length. It was worth the wait! Life After Life are a quirky punk band that incorporate tons of unexpected and non-cliche elements to their music. First of all they are much heavier than you usually associate with punk. They also underpin their music with keyboards for a really thick and busy feel. They also utilize the world's best punk accordions. C'mon, you must admit that there just aren't a lot of bands who could pull off an accordion! But Life After Life not only pull it off, they do so with flying colors! Much of their music has a genuine eastern European ethnic vibe. Genuine because two members of the band lived in Czechoslovakia when it was still under communist rule. In fact drummer Jaroslav was twice imprisoned for "crimes against the state" when arrested for playing drums at underground concerts. You don't get more P-U-N-K than that! There is a bonus song taken from the Twisted Willie tribute CD that features the band being fronted by Jello Biafra."
- Edwardsville Intelligencer

"You've got to admire musicians who have been arrested for playing illegal music in commie Czechoslovakia. Spending time behind bars because your music is "incompatible with the tenets of social realism, and, therefore, undesirable to the ideology of the regime" is pretty crazy. But when you move to San Francisco, pretty much anything goes, including forming a band that play Czech punk-folk (yup, replete with accordion) with a Jello Biafra-soundalike hollering over the top in undecipherable Czech. So if you're warped enough to like that sort of thing, you'll like this."
- Fracture

" This is probably one of the wickedest examples of Metal guitar work today! Throw in a crazy little Czech guy on incredible vocals & accordian and top it off with the great Jello Biafra producing and even some guest vocals on the final Bonus Track which is actually a cover of Willie Nelson's classic "Still Is Still Moving (To Me)" and this becomes one of mine AND YOUR favorite albums!!"
- iTunes user



1. "Harrahya" (4:02)
2. "Marijuana" (4:13)
3. "Mexico" (4:51)
4. "Don't Kill My Tree" (4:09)
5. "Shut The Fuck Off" (4:55)
6. "Doors" (4:18)
7. "Coffin" (4:55)
8. "Speed" (3:06)
9. "Pop Tart" (2:55)
10. "I Died One Monday" (3:28)
11. "Watching" (5:12)
12. "Bonus Track" (4:32)

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