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virus144 KEPONE
virus144 (1994) 7" - $3.00
Loud punk rock single from this normally more noise-oriented Touch & Go band. Founded by Mike Bishop, the original Beefcake The Mighty of GWAR. We do believe this is one of their finest moments.

"Kepone play live, schizophrenic guitars that sound similar to other guitar frenzy bands out there like Steel Pole Bathtub. But these guys are a cut above most with their clarity and song writing. Also, the singer has some cool singing patterns on the B-side "Phobic." "
- Circa

"New hardcore punk band D.O.A./DKs type stuff. Wild singer - great new band - very hard. Seriously intense tight old-school hardcore."
- Dumpster Dive



1. "295" ()
2. "PHOBIC" ()

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