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virus321 LUDICRA
Another Great Love Song
virus321 (2004) CD - $12.00 | LP - out of print
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What better way to "celebrate" another absurd election season then for AT to release its first black metal album! Ludicra's style is raw, primal, dissonant and ugly and sets itself apart by incorporating untraditional songwriting and elements of avant-rock, crust and death metal. Ludicra's appeal goes beyond black metal's confines focusing on harsh reality and apocalyptic atmospheres instead of mindless devilry, recalling brutal voices of AT's past like Logical Nonsense, Dead & Gone and Neurosis. After one highly-regarded album, Hollow Psalms, on Life is Abuse Records (Dystopia, Tarantula Hawk, Yeti), Ludicra has joined the consistently eclectic AT roster for its second album Another Great Love Song.

Includes members of Bay Area bands Impaled, Hammers of Misfortune and Hickey. Get Another Great Love Song and pick up Ludicra's first album Hollow Psalms while you're at it, poser!

"Hot damn, I knew this thing was gonna kill as soon as seven-minute opener "The Only Cure, the Only Remedy" kicked off with pristine acoustic guitars and twisted lead melodies over distant vocal snarls, and sure enough, a minute later the band plows straight into some speedy and extremely energetic black metal. But that's only the beginning! I've actually read a lot about this band, be it the fact that their lineup contains members of Impaled, Hammers of Misfortune, and Hickey; that their female vocalists are among the best out there; or that their songwriting is super intense and definitely pushes for something more out of the genre. And I have to say, they're worth all the hype and then some... and they actually deserve way more attention than they're getting. The impressive vocals range from ripping screams and roaring snarls to a monotone form of singing, and while black metal may be the backbone of a lot of the music, there's way more happening with this stuff. From tight tremolo picking and ragingly fast power chords to twisted discordant arpeggios or sinister clean passages there's a lot of wrenchingly emotional feeling to everything that's happening on this one. The songwriting is a very effective blend as well, both with all of these varied playing styles as well as the sense of flow and arrangement. There's a lot of subtle layering involved that adds intrigue to both the riffing and the vocal arrangements, and the drummer's got a real knack for cutting loose with sweet fills and powerful changeups when the structures permit...
Man, this is just a pounding release that's chock full of admirably powerful riffs and well composed songs that definitely leave a mark. Very much recommended, and I'm going to be heavily interested in hearing their next record, because I honestly bet they're gonna do major damage, because they've got the potential to eclipse this one... and that kind of result could be a serious contender out there. Look into this fucker for sure, there's not one weak track on this thing. Great work. (8/10)"
- Aversion Online

"Wow, the first 'Black Metal' album on alternative Tentacles. LUDICRA give here 7 Songs to the best one, which pass the Black Metal really hair-sharply. Greases guitar walls with Keif and Grunzgesang. The Clou at this album are the Female Vocals, where one perhaps imagines really only when second hearing that a woman at the micro is here. The violin, the cello and the piano give the last Quenchen, which needs it in order to convince to this album. Absolutely tap!!!"

- Greed Records (translated from German)



1. "The Only Cure, The Only Remedy" (7:17)
2. "Let Thirst The Soil" (4:15)
3. "One Thousand Wolves" (4:53)
listen to "One Thousand Wolves"   MP3 (4.5 MB)
4. "Why Conquer?" (7:33)
5. "In The Greenest Maze" (4:03)
listen to "In The Greenest Maze"   MP3 (3.7 MB)
6. "Time Wounds All Heels" (6:42)
7. "Aging Ghost" (6:11)

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