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virus318 THE SERMON
virus318 (2004) LP - $12.00 | CD - $12.00 | CD lmtd ed - $15.00
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"The Sermon deliver overamped R&B with a punk rock intensity," (Maximum Rock N Roll) offering devastating, frenetic songs of pure rock and roll fury. San Francisco's The Sermon formed in late 2000 to create a high-energy sound indicative of their jagged past; the current roster includes ex-members of The Fells (Estrus Records), Mount McKinleys (Get Hip Records) and The Dukes of Hamburg (Dionysus Records). The result is a straight-ahead, 60s-inspired form of garage rock that dismisses all forms of subtlety, and replaces it with an urgency not heard since the days of yore.

The vinyl version of this album is pressed on 180 GRAM wax and includes a specially screened poster and inserts made by the band. There is also a special limited edition (500) tin CD available only through Alternative Tentacles mailorder and the band themselves which features the bands logo screened onto a tin container, and includes the album, sticker, button, etc - hand numbered!

"Damn dude. This could be the best thing I've ever gotten to review. These guys would fit nicely on a bill with The Catholic Boys. Just a little more straight forward than the CB's spasmodics, with more East Bay Ray-style hooks. A lot of jerks get on and befriend me (and Horizontal Action) thinking little ol' us are their ticket to booze, chix and their big showbiz dream: a slot in the next Blackout [*Chicago Rock 'n Roll Festival]. Sorry fellas, but I'm small tatters in the Horizontal Action hierarchy, but more importantly, your bands ain't shit compared to this, and unlike The Sermon, you're just rehashing the same ol' safe-and-tired tricks like some washed-up Van Nuys stripper. The lead singer even plays a theremin in the middle of this craziness. McThrobb is throbbin' over this one ladies, so come on over and join me in the hottub."

- Horizontal Action

"Stop me if you've heard this one in the last twenty years or so, but I think the hottest rockin' album of the month is on... Alternative Tentacles? Straight-up garage a la the Makers or Cynics (minus the tambourine as an instrument of male pleasure), with the operative difference being that they actually print the lyrics-and they're not about how the singer's penis is actually that of a large, fearsome, stylish wolf or anything of that nature, either. Wacky! What can I say? A garage album that would sound not at all out of place taped on the back of the same cassette as you have your Knockout Pills album taped on the front. What I find most amusing is how the songs with outright sociopolitical content- "No Beast So Fierce", "Luzerne County", "Hand to Hand"- are smirkfully reminiscent of the two-"worship"-songs-minimum that I understand performers are required to commit to before obtaining gigs at Christian coffeehouses. All the same, I can't say as I saw this 'un coming. Keen. BEST SONG: "Tender Sin", but I also really like the psychedelic "Surprise", although it kind of pissed me off that I spent so much time trying to figure out who originally did it before I saw that it was written by the drummer. BEST SONG TITLE: "491"-what can I say? Prime numbers command respect! FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: If the song "Exterminator" is, as it appears, to be about the William S. Burroughs book of the same name, my understanding is that it should end with an exclamation point."

- Rev. Norb in Razorcake

"There's something about the garage-soul combination that kicks the doors down. Think about it- BellRays, Dirtbombs, Delta 72, John Wilkes Booze Explosion, Spencer, et al-the genre has an unusually high incidence of excellence. The Sermon, out of San Francisco, continues in this very fine tradition, drawing on ex-members of The Fells, Mount McKinleys and The Revelers to make its beer-stained magic. On Volume the band's debut, these four retro hard rockers churn out high energy rock-and-soul built on simple, repetitive riffs and riding the rocket of speed, intensity and effort. "Tender Sin"'s buzzing bass and drums intro tells you everything you need to know about The Sermon-it's a muscular tease that builds and builds until the singer crashes through it with a rock and roll yell. "Luzerne County" is less of a vamp and more of an attack, its fast, fist-pumping riff leading into an echoplexed breakdown, its sweaty, full-on vocals charged with MC5-ish passion. Volume's hardest hitting tracks are clustered toward the front end. The band's softer, psychier side gets a turn with "Surprise", a jangling, Nuggets-ready power ballad. "Miss A", too, leans melodically toward power pop, but without sacrificing the thick, garage-rock guitar riffs that give the album structure. The Sermon recalls People Get Ready-era Mooney Suzuki, retro, hard-rocking, tinged with psyche and soul and powered by monolithic riffs. They're probably a monster live, too. If you like '60s-referencing garage at all, you'll have no problem sitting through The Sermon."




1. "Time Has Come" (2:21)
listen to "Time Has Come"   MP3 (2.2 MB)
2. "Get Over, Again" (2:11)
3. "No Beast So Fierce" (4:58)
4. "Luzerne County" (2:19)
listen to "Luzerne County"   MP3 (2.1 MB)
5. "Miss A" (2:51)
6. "Tender Sin" (3:14)
7. "The Other Side of The Mirror" (3:47)
8. "Exterminator" (3:55)
9. "Surprise" (1:53)
listen to "Surprise"   MP3 (1.7 MB)
10. "491" (1:49)
11. "Latent Image" (3:33)
12. "Hand To Hand" (4:28)

The Sermon

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