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virus115 ALICE DONUT
The Untidy Suicides Of Your Degenerate Children
virus115 (1992) Cassette - $1.00

What we like to look at as their Dark Side of the Moon album. Twisted tales for a degenerate generation. This, their fifth full-length studio output, comes with a 36-page booklet filled wiht obscurities befitting their quirky, insane headfuck lyrics.

"Alice Donut have recorded what will probably be considered their Dark Side of the Moon/White Album masterpiece. And to tell the truth, it almost works for the band. The opening track, "Magdalene" rocks with whistling guitars and thundering bass and a singer with a high dose of helium. Come to think of it, this band is riding on one brain cell. One song entitled "The Son of a Disgruntled X-Postal Worker Reflects on his Life While Getting Stoned in the Parking Lot of a Winn Dixie and Listening to Metallica," is something the Butthole Surfers would do with members of the Adolescents. This band is indeed on a trip when the last few songs slows down into trashy jazz-like songs complete with trombone and accordion. Take for instance "She Loves You She Wants You Its Amazing How Much Head Wounds Bleed." Las Vegas has not invited Alice Donut to play. Its good to see intelligent groups play unintelligible music. Listen to "Everybody Is On Sale", and they will throw it back to you because "you only maintain your erections by soiling the ones you possess." The band is definitely out to lunch, but there is a rather appealing (gulp!) quality to them. The group plays well together and the production is very crisp and clear, almost to the point where they loose an edge. Still, do not take them seriously."
- Indie File



1. "Magdalene" ()
10. "Medication" ()
11. "Things Have Never Looked Better" ()
12. "Wire Mother" ()
13. "She Loves You She Wants You Its Amazing how much headwounds Bleed" ()
14. "Loteria" ()
15. "In My Head" ()
2. "Untidy Suicides" ()
3. "Loteria" ()
4. "The Tingler" ()
5. "Everybody is on Sale" ()
6. "Hang the Dog" ()
7. "Son of a Disgruntaled Postal Worker" ()
8. "Annie's Empty" ()
9. "Loteria" ()

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Alice Donut

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