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The Bloudy Tenent Truth Peace
virus317 (2004) CD - $12.00

The tired genre of alt-country has received, straight from the good Lord himself, its saving grace in the form of "The Bloudy Tenent Truth Peace" the first album in three years from those bastard children of Hank Williams, Sr., Slim Cessna's Auto Club!

Their gospel revival-like performances have left a trail of converts (known as Cessnuts) all across this great nation and beyond, hungry for more songs about backwoods livin' and lord praisin' from Slim, Munly, and company. Energized by a new line-up, this record stirs up the country and westerner in the most urbane city folk, calling up influences ranging from Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Sr. & III, 16 Horsepower, and Nick Cave. Think a country Alice Donut!?!

Filled with genuine emotion and lush roots instrumentation including banjo, mandolin, and a hefty dose of yodeling, Slim Cessna's Auto Club gives us Americans something to be proud of in these troubled times.

P.S.- The epic record release show for this album is out as a beautiful gatefold double vinyl + download card called Jesus Let Me Down!

"God I love this band! Totally rocking, totally catchy punk-rock-flecked country twang. If I had to be stuck in a bar, forever with only one band playing nightly, it would definitely be Slim Cessna's Auto Club. Sonically they bear a striking resemblance to the Old 97's who haven't made a GREAT record for going on 5 years now. And Slim Cessna's voice bears an uncanny similarity to that of the Old 97's Rhett Miller. In fact, let's be honest, this is what the Old 97's SHOULD sound like. Ths songs are just as good, but the lyrics are way more clever, sometimes downright hilarious, the arrangements are curious and complex, with lots of breakdowns, unlikely melodies, and spoken bits, and most importantly, the band manages to be really really funny without devolving into a joke band. A tough trick for sure. The way we imagine it, is that Cessna is a wandering preacher / musician / snake oil salesman who has been hand picking sonic elements and band members Dr. Frankenstein style, from various bands, to cobble together the perfect hillbilly country rock revival, borrowing from the Old 97's obviously, 16 Horsepower, X, Uncle Tupelo, Nick Cave and a bunch of others, and coming up with...well...the perfect hillbilly country rock revival!"

- Aquarius Records



1. "This Is How We Do Things In The Country" (5:10)
listen to "This Is How We Do Things In The Country"   MP3 (4.7 MB)
2. "Thorny Crown" (3:08)
3. "32 Mouths Gone Dry" (4:00)
4. "Cranston" (3:18)
listen to "Cranston"   MP3 (3.0 MB)
5. "Mark of Vaccination" (4:30)
6. "Jackson's Hole" (2:27)
7. "Shady Lane" (3:41)
8. "Sour Patch Kids" (3:56)
listen to "Sour Patch Kids"   MP3 (3.6 MB)
9. "Port Authority Band" (3:45)
10. "Providence, New Jerusalem" (6:06)
11. "He, Roger Williams" (6:00)

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