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life028 YETI
Volume Obliteration Transcendence
life028 (2004) CD - $10.00
The surviving members of Yeti are back with close to an hours worth of new music. After losing their keycrusher Doug Ferguson to a pancreatic infection in 2002, the remaining members have written 4 all new and incredibly dark,dismal dirges.

Musically somewhat similar to their first release, the "Things to Come" LP also available through AT, this new record is different because it is far more angry and abusive. Drawing influences from Magma and Shub Niggurath to Man Is The Bastard and Boris. Yeti continues to offer heavier music which combines the darker elements of jazz and rock.

This new cd is packaged in a digi-pak, with stunning artwork created by David D-Andrea. Essential listening!



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