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virus118 GROTUS
Slow Motion Apocalypse
virus118 (1993) CD - $12.00
If Ministry or Neurosis are rock with techno-industrial seasoning, then the unique sound of Grotus is the other way around. A different kind of heavy. No other band sounds remotely like this.

"I saw Grotus live before I ever heard a recording of them. Definitely a futuristic peek into where a lot of the new music could be headed. Grotus seems to have a good grasp on using percussion. One of the keys to separating what they do from anyone else is the fact that although it doesn't sound like it, they are actually using to bass players, osmetimes sounding like guitars, miuxed with samples and sequences, but definitely not totally "industrial." The singer's voice is extremely strong - which leads me to their new release: Although I love Grotus, I have yet to hear their sound captured in the studio. I feel that, while the strength in the singer's voice isn't nearly as apparent as it is when you see them live, this is a big improvement from their last release. It wil give you an idea of what they're like but please see them if you can. You'll love 'em if you're out to see something different."
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1. "Up Rose The Mountain" ()
10. "Medicine" ()
11. "Slow Motion Apocalypse" ()
2. "Good Evening" ()
3. "TheSame Old Sauce" ()
4. "Hourglass" ()
5. "Shivayanama" ()
6. "Complications" ()
7. "Kali Yuga" ()
8. "Clean" ()
9. "Sleepwalking" ()

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