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Ripple Rock
virus311 (2004) LP + 7-inch - $12.00 | CD - $12.00
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The Evaporators feature Nardwuar the Human Serviette with members of the New Pornographers, Zumpano, and the Smugglers, and of course Thee Goblins & The Dublins! This is oodles of yummy garaged power-pop for the snowmobile set!

Available in two different formats, each with its own exclusive highlights! The compact disc is also an Enhanced CD which includes infamous Nardwuar The Human Serviette interviews spanning over a decade with people such as Jello Biafra, Mikhail Gorbachev- not to mention some rad Evaporators music videos! The vinyl version comes in 2 parts- a big beautiful vinyl 12" and a cute lil' 7" since there's so much music on this release!

Also check out The Evaporators follow-up "Gassy Jack And Other Tales" & Nardwuar The Human Serviette's awesome 2-dvd set!

"This baby is crammed full, and action packed! Nardwuar the Human Serviette's all star band (dudes from New Pornographers, Zumpano, Destroyer and the Smugglers) dish up sixteen new songs that cover topics such as "being a fat frustrated fuck" and being "addicted to cheese". Hot fucking damn, the kids are gonna relate! Don't forget about the two interview snippets (one with Snoop Doggy Dogg, the other with Razel of The Roots), four bonus tracks by Nardwuar's other band Thee Dublins (aka Thee Goblins, Thee Skablins), and enhanced cd extras that include three Evaporators videos (one being "I'm Going To France" which has been a Buddyhead favorite for years now), plus interview segments: Nardwuar vs. Jello Biafra, Jean Chrétien, Dan Quayle, Mikhail Gorbachev + more! We're just curious if Jello made Nardwuar touch him in places he didn't want to so this cd would come out on Alternative Tentacles."

- Buddyhead (this is one of their "The 20 Best Records of 2003"!)



1. "(I Gotta Disease) I'm Addicted To Cheese" (1:59)
listen to "(I Gotta Disease) I'm Addicted To Cheese"   MP3 (1.8 MB)
2. "I Feel Like a Fat Frustrated Fuck" (1:37)
3. "Ripple Rock" (1:53)
listen to "Ripple Rock"   MP3 (1.7 MB)
4. "Get Off the Treadmill" (1:50)
5. "(I've Got) Icicles on My Testicles" (2:40)
6. "Nard Nest" (1:49)
listen to "Nard Nest"   MP3 (1.7 MB)
7. "I.D.N.M.F.T.T.M.W.M.F.A." (2:06)
8. "Salad Bar" (1:25)
9. "Half-Empty Halls" (1:55)
listen to "Half-Empty Halls"   MP3 (1.8 MB)
10. "Cardboard Brains" (1:51)
11. "Gerda Munsinger" (1:40)
12. "Shittin' Party" (1:46)
13. "Barney Rubble Is My Double" (1:38)
14. "Nardwuar vs. Rahzel" (1:01)
15. "I Quit School" (1:08)
16. "Are You Mad At Me?" (1:07)
17. "I Say That on Purpose to Bug You" (3:36)
18. "Nardwuar vs. Snoop Doggy Dogg" (0:58)
listen to "Nardwuar vs. Snoop Doggy Dogg"   MP3 (920.0 kB)
19. "Thee Dublins Intro (f. Terror T)" (0:49)
20. "Maria (Thee Dublins)" (2:50)
listen to "Maria (Thee Dublins)"   MP3 (2.6 MB)
21. "Uhhhh! (Thee Dublins)" (2:07)
22. "The Phasor (Thee Dublins)" (2:12)
23. "Telephone in Shoe (Thee Dublins)" (1:53)

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