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virus305 (2003) LP - $12.00 | CD - $12.00

Cascading keyboards, unnerving guitars, off-kilter rhythms, and the grotesque lyricism of THE PHANTOM LIMBS forge a grandiose monument on the verge of collapse like a gothic cathedral built on quicksand.

Their unsettling ilk of carny death rock & punk draws comparisons to The Screamers and Christian Death or contemporaries like the Subtonix, but don't expect today's glut of punks-with-keyboards playing 80s redux! THE PHANTOM LIMBS have carved out a lonesome place for themselves, finding inspiration in Kurt Weill rather than Duran Duran & Culture Club.

Produced by Dan Rathbun of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.

This is what they said about their last album:

"The violent, vengeful ghosts of punk and deathrock past, screaming their rotten-soul rage in your face with some seriously malicious intent."
-Willamette Week

"This is rock music found in the depths of a catacomb and brought to shuddering, swirling life . . . . both maddening and thrilling to those who have outgrown punk rock and goth."
-Silke Tudor, SF Weekly

"Second coming of Christian Death, perhaps? I love this record . . . . Distorted, twisted and the perfect soundtrack to my nightmares." -Maximum RockNRoll



1. "Active Verbs" ()
listen to "Active Verbs"   MP3 (3.2 MB)
2. "Castanets Cookie" ()
listen to "Castanets Cookie"   MP3 (3.1 MB)
3. "Wrenches And Spoons" ()
4. "Romance" ()
listen to "Romance"   MP3 (4.5 MB)
5. "From A Distance" ()
6. "Patience" ()
7. "Ear To The Ground" ()
8. "Turtle Doves" ()

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