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Total Entertainment!
virus304 (2003) CD - $12.00

Rejoice, all ye queer punks! After a five-year hiatus, queercore pioneers Pansy Division return to brighten up the AT stable with their seventh long-player delivering total satisfaction well worth the wait! Total Entertainment! meanders from balls-out garage rock to the Motown strut, from dance club grooves to banjo-soaked bluegrass: their spontaneous verve and mastery of pop songcraft is the common thread that ties up this delicious jumble. Always humorous but never frivolous, Pansy Division mixes baudy mischief with personal politics that has universal resonance. Welcome back, Pansy Divisionówe missed you!



1. "Who Treats You Right?" (2:20)
listen to "Who Treats You Right?"   MP3 (2.1 MB)
2. "Blurry Down Below" (2:19)
listen to "Blurry Down Below"   MP3 (2.1 MB)
3. "When He Comes Home" (2:59)
4. "Too Many Hoops" (2:54)
5. "Spiral" (3:09)
listen to "Spiral"   MP3 (2.9 MB)
6. "Saddest Song" (3:13)
7. "No Protection" (3:59)
listen to "No Protection"   MP3 (3.6 MB)
8. "Alpine Skiing" (3:14)
listen to "Alpine Skiing"   MP3 (2.9 MB)
9. "Not Good Enough" (1:20)
10. "Scared To Death" (2:02)
11. "I'm Alright" (2:30)
12. "First Betrayal" (4:02)
13. "Sleeping In The Cold" (4:23)
14. "Total Entertainment" (2:09)
listen to "Total Entertainment"   MP3 (2.0 MB)
15. "He Whipped My Ass In Tennis" (2:08)

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Pansy Division

Pansy Division

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