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virus120 DOA
It's Not Unusual...But It Sure Is Ugly
virus120 (1993) CDEP - $9.00

Stripped down, straight-ahead punk rock from these Canadian veterans. 7" features one new cut, CD has three more. All are exclusive to this release. Plus this features DOA's demolition of the Tom Jones standard "It's Not Unusual"! Ass-kicking in that special DOA way!

7-inch tracks:
It's Not Unusual
Dead Men Tell No Tales
CD also includes:
Blue To Brown
Help Me Get Out Of Here
Runaway World

"There seems to be certain bands that never seem to change. D.O.A. is one of those bands. They never seem to lose their classic old-style punk rock that entertains us all."
- Coffee & Hash Browns

"Aaaay! That's class. Joey (Shithead) Keithley was born to sing Tom Jones, that's for sure. Vancouver's D.O.A.'s sense of humor smarms in buckets through this old Vegas-shmaltz hit by Mr. "What's New Pussycat", and hearing Keithley growl his way through the hellacious brass braying behind him is as good as it is amusing. Man this is funny. If your station isn't playing this (or if you're not torturing your family members with it), rectify that soon! Meanwhile, at the old-time breakneck punk rock, D.O.A. (now a trio, as they began 15 years ago) are still masters, and "Dead Men Tell No Tales" is their hottest tune since they came out of retirement last year, and it's also pretty humorous. And it's always good to hear ex-Subhumans leader (the Vancouver band, not the substandard English one) Brian (Sunny Boy or Wimpy Roy) Goble take a turn on the mike for the also snarlin' "Blue to Brown"... It all adds up to a good EP value, and one can't help but be happy D.O.A. are both back and prolific."
- The Big Takeover

"Back on the lighthearted side of the street, It's Not Unusual is a... five-song EP that merrily romps through the titular Tom Jones chestnut and follows it with "Dead Men Tell No Tales," a roaring... vendetta against those who've crossed the band."
- Trouser Press



1. "It's Not Unusual" (2:15)
2. "Dead Men Tell No Tales" (2:52)
3. "Blue To Brown" (3:10)
4. "Help Me Get Out Of Here" (2:26)
5. "Runaway World" (2:19)

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