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The Daddy Of Rock 'n' Roll
dvd010 (2012) DVD - $14.00 - temp. unavailable
Of course it was only a matter of time before a DVD was released about our enigmatic hero - Wesley Willis.

Most of the music is from ~10 years ago when he was part of a band - The Wesley Willis Fiasco but there is also some footage that's post-Fiasco.

Starring Wesley Willis
Produced by (Canada) Screenplay (in English)
Photography (Color)
Festivals (Prizes):
Vancouver Underground 01, Toronto Doc 02, S.F. Doc 02, Melbourne Underground 02

"Many documentaries make you understand things by stepping back and watching; The Daddy of Rock 'N' Roll does it through dropping you into uncharted waters and letting you sink or swim. The video begins by following underground artist and rock musician Wesley Willis as he writes lyrics, peddles CD's, makes copies at Kinko's and records his amusical music; he's clearly got some problems, but the video won't let on what they are. Refusing to pin him to the board and dissect him, it follows his stream-of-consciousness rants and repetitive songwriting, sucking us into his lifestyle and forcing us to respect it...before introducing us to his support system and his schizophrenic past. But even when his friends reveal his drug regimen and hellish childhood, the explanations are at the periphery. The main event is Willis and his monomaniacal will to rock.

... As the video's climactic concert sequence reveals, he has a solid fan base that sings along with his songs of mullets and Courtney Love. And in deciding to end the film there, in the nonironic triumph of his eccentric subject, director David Bitton seems positively unique in our world of suburban smartasses ready to fire at vulnerable targets."
- Houston Indy Media

"Hopefully everyone has a place in their heart for Wesley Willis. I was fortunate enough to see him play in El Paso, TX on his last tour. And, although I didn't get the famous head bunt, he did quite bluntly tell me that his CDs were "SIXTEEN BUCKS!" I have, for sometime, been intrigued by Wesley and I have always enjoyed his ROCK. So, seeing this DVD really helped me understand more about him. In fact, it makes you have more respect for him as a musician, artist, and as a person. I think that it is safe to say that he will be truly missed."
- Dirt Culture

"'Wesley Willis: The Daddy of Rock and Roll' takes us along with Willis on his daily routines. Shot on video, it also talks to the people in his life to give us insight into what he deals with, and has dealt with, on a daily basis. We follow Willis as he makes sales of his latest cd, visits the zoo, and finds fodder for songs in whatever crosses his path. Of course, we get a live performance at the end.

For more of Welsey and his band, the Wesley Willis Fiasco, go to the special features section. There you have an extended live performance segment... The extras also feature more in-depth interviews with his friends. At the root of it all... his story is an inspiration."
- Illinois Entertainer



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