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virus101 ALICE DONUT
The Biggest Ass (The Ass Trilogy)
virus101 (1991) 12"EP - $6.00 | CDEP - $7.00
Unstoppable ep from thee mighty Alice Donut! Three drastically reworked versions of the song "Big Ass" originally featured on the Mule album. Lots of songs about booty to really shake it to.

"I've been eating this donut for breakfast for the past three weeks, and hunger has failed to find me until early each afternoon/ The low-rider groove-grinding marriage of bass guitar, snare, bass drum, cowbell and claves (this is not a "Magic Bus") makes mince-meat of your standard breakfast special.
The first cigarette of the day tastes good with this EP. My room, the stereo, cig smoke swirling violently through the dust particles visible in the morning sun and that opening groove with lyrics half-sung, half-chanted in Spanish. Above this groove-riff stolen (I'd like to think consciously for humor's sake) from the opening cadence of the Doors' "Wild Child" - there is no guitar. Yet, my bedroom becomes a big fuckin' car - low to the ground. Then, as harsh as it began, the groove stops. Alive is driving with her pudgy hands on the big metal steering wheel. "Where are you taking me, Alice?" I plead. She mumbles another line in Spanish before the guitar, with a mere three notes, soars into that groove - that rumbling groove again. I feel my whole room turn down some side street in an economically oppressed drug-infested neighborhood. "Buckled legs, weak kidneys, the butcher's wife is hard to please."
If the three slight variations of The Ass Trilogy move you, you will get a giggle from "Mr. Hayes' Gimp Leg" - a song about a war wound received by Mr. Hayes whilst in the Merchant Marines. His ship was sunk by a U-boat. "But I didn't let them cut it off. I'd rather gimp than have a stump."
An all-around great EP by Alice Donut who seem to have recorded in the midst of an anatomy fixation."
- Alternative Press



1. "The Biggest Ass" (0:00)
2. "Bigger Ass" (4:23)
3. "Big Ass" (4:06)
4. "Mr Hayes' Gimp Leg" (2:47)

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