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Brown Reason To Live + Live PCPPEP
lbv008 (2003) CD - $13.00

At long last on CD. For many years now people have been asking us "hey, why don't you release the first 2 Butthole Surfers 12"s on CD?" Well, we asked the band and they said they wanted to do it- voila!

Here are the 2 Alternative Tentacles 12-inch vinyl eps from the early 80's- Brown Reason To Live and Live PCPPEP (only the first is still in print on vinyl. It comes with 4 bonus tracks (including "Gary Floyd") in a digipack on the Butthole's own label. 18 songs documenting the earliest insanity of these Texas maniacs!

"'I am the ultimate god!' followed by the sounds of a man nearly breaking down in tears- it's one of the most emotional and honest moments in rock history. Oddly enough it's at the end of a song called 'The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave' off of the superb Butthole Surfers debut EP 'Brown Reason To Live.' It's that accidental shift from extreme bravado to mournful regret that most bands only dream of pulling off, and it's all courtesy of some of America's most drug-addled pranksters. The following 6 tracks put experimental punk on the map. No one was quite sure what to make of it. Was it psychedelia, was it punk rock, or was it just crap? But everyone was certain that it was nothing like anything else. Insane, but not cheesy, lyrics that sounded passionate while the music sometimes grooved, rocked, irritated, or just became noise... this sounds brilliant. Drums that pound and words have the clarity required to catch such oddball lines as 'I got a stiff upper lip because I'm half dead' and 'they shot the pope's ass... and I feel good!" Kids, everyone, this is required listening. This is their peak..."
- Punk Planet

"Gibby Haines' [sic] insane crew started life on AT with this appropriately scatologically-themed mini-album ["Brown Reason To Live"]. Spmg titles include "The Revenge of Anus Presley"- enough said."
- Rock-A-Rolla



1. "The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey's Grave" (2:09)
2. "Hey" (2:06)
3. "Something" (4:37)
4. "Bar-B-Q Pope" (3:36)
5. "Wichita Cathedral" (2:22)
6. "Suicide" (1:24)
7. "The Revenge Of Anus Presley" (2:25)
8. "Cowboy Bob (Live)" (2:32)
9. "Bar-B-Q Pope (Live)" (3:09)
10. "Dance Of The Cobras (Live)" (0:34)
11. "The Shah Sleeps In Lee Hrvey's Grave (Live)" (2:26)
12. "Wichita Cathedral (Live)" (2:45)
13. "Hey" (2:17)
14. "Something (Live)" (7:38)
15. "Gary Floyd (Live)" (2:02)
16. "Matchstick (Live)" (3:09)
17. "Sinister Crayon" (4:01)
18. "Something (Demo)" (5:03)

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