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virus297 FLESHIES
The Sicilian
virus297 (2003) CD - $12.00
An unrelenting assault, FLESHIES 2nd full-length, "The Sicilian", produced by Alex Newport (Fudgetunnel, Theory Of Ruin, Ratos De Porao), pushes punk in a new direction. Visceral, overdriven punk rock explosions carried to new dizzying heights.

Loud, hilarious, concise and ugly: FLESHIES whip audiences into a frenzy. One of the world's foremost fun and intelligent bands.

Guaranteed to play another 150 shows in 2003!!!

"[The Sicilian] answers the musical question 'What would happen if Gary Numan and Gibby Haynes fucked each other backstage at one of those Brazilian "Monsters Of Rock" stadium festivals?'"


"If you don't think The Fleshies are one of the Bay Area's best bands then you are an absolute fucking idiot. No band can intertwine the drunken punk madness of the Germs and the rock and roll brilliance of Turbonegro the way these cats can. Yet another brilliant album under their belts (and they ain't no white belts either, motherfucker)."

- Maximumrocknroll



1. "There Will Be No Apocalypse" ()
2. "Desperate, Middle-Aged Woman" ()
3. "The Last Friday" ()
listen to "The Last Friday"   MP3 (2.6 MB)
4. "Don't Hate Me For The Reward" ()
listen to "Don't Hate Me For The Reward"   MP3 (2.3 MB)
5. "Jumpers" ()
6. "Rosa" ()
7. "You're All Doomed" ()
8. "Maelstrom Of Whirling Bullshit" ()
9. "Eleven" ()
10. "No One" ()
listen to "No One"   MP3 (1.3 MB)
11. "He Gots No Job" ()
12. "To Whom It May Concern" ()
13. "Pisces Revenge" ()
14. "The Stuff" ()
15. "This Is The City Where All The Dirty Assholes Are Safe" ()

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