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The People Are Revolting (in the very best sense of that word)
virus296 (2003) CD - $12.00

In this hilarious and inspiring talk, America's #1 Populist, Jim Hightower, launches a broadside at the Powers That Be on behalf of The Powers That Ought To Be - namely, working families, consumers, the environment, small businesses and just-plain-folks. Hightower not only points out the plutocratic, autocratic and anti-democratic shortcomings of "Dubya" and his band of Bushites, he also points the way toward a revitalized Progressive political movement that is taking root across America. (Intro by the late Senator Paul Wellstone.)

Jim Hightower is a nationally syndicated radio commentator, newspaper columnist, a regular contributor to The Nation, public speaker and ringleader of the Rolling Thunder Down-Home Democracy Tour. He is also editor of the monthly Hightower Lowdown newsletter and author of the best-sellers If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote, They'd Have Given Us Candidates and There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Lines and Dead Armadillos..

Select Quotes:
On George W. Bush : "The man is an absolute corporate wet-dream."
On the Seattle WTO Protest : "We opened a big old can of kick-ass on them there and they still haven't gotten the lid back on it yet."
On building a new Progressive Movement in America : "We've got to get the bean-sprout eaters together with the snuff-dippers."



1. "Intro" (1:18)
2. "2 Making the Connections Paul Wellstone" (6:19)
3. "Expect Democracy" (9:22)
4. "Who the Hell is in Charge?" (10:47)
5. "What Are We Going to Do?" (12:12)
6. "We Have No Right to Be Quiet" (7:56)
listen to "We Have No Right to Be Quiet"   MP3 (7.3 MB)
7. "Everyone's Getting Rich" (6:33)
listen to "Everyone's Getting Rich"   MP3 (6.0 MB)
8. "Getting the Hogs Out of the Creek" (3:42)
listen to "Getting the Hogs Out of the Creek"   MP3 (3.4 MB)
9. "The Prevailing Corporate Ethic" (2:00)
10. "Getting Real Campaign Reform" (2:00)
11. "The Pink Quarters Campaign" (2:00)
12. "The Rebellion" (2:00)
listen to "The Rebellion"   MP3 (1.9 MB)
13. "Wave Our Flag!" (2:00)
14. "Daddy's Philosophy" (2:00)
15. "Wanted: 120 Million Voters" (2:00)

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