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Onisciente Coletivo
virus291 (2002) CD - $12.00
RATOS DE PORAO ("Basement Rats") hail from Sao Paolo, Brazil, where they have been a cornerstone of the punk/hardcore community for almost twenty years! Bringing a unique hardcore style that mixes the old school hardcore from 80s, SLAYER, ultra-fast bits, and crazy guitar riffs, it sounds like they definitely have not played all of their cards yet. Onisciente Coletiv is their most politicized stuff to date covering the endless social issues in Brasil, such as massive unemployment, poverty, and criminality, to the latest terrorist events in the US. The album addresses how capitalist imperialism makes the world safe for transnational corporations and discusses the process of satisfying people with the attractions of consumerism.

Onisciente Coletivo features 14 songs of sheer, unmitigated power. To make it sound big, dirty, and heavy they decided to call Alex Newport (Nailbomb, At the drive-in, Samian, Fudge Tunnel, The Pattern) to produce.

Absolutely SKULL-CRUSHING! Check out the limited Spanish gatefold LP!



1. "Terror Declarado" ()
2. "Engrenagem" ()
listen to "Engrenagem"   MP3 (3.0 MB)
3. "Playbaloser" ()
4. "Proximo Alvo" ()
5. "O Sistema me Engoliu" ()
6. "Medo" ()
7. "Fragments of Conquest" ()
listen to "Fragments of Conquest"   MP3 (3.0 MB)
8. "Vai Ficar Preto" ()
9. "Conspiracao Subliminar" ()
10. "Rabia Social" ()
listen to "Rabia Social"   MP3 (2.1 MB)
11. "Necrochorume" ()
12. "Problemao" ()
13. "Cybergenocidio" ()
14. "Onisciente Coletico" ()
listen to "Onisciente Coletico"   MP3 (3.9 MB)

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Ratos de Porao

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