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Mob Action Against The State
virus285 (2002) 2xCD - $14.00

The San Francisco Bay Area is rich in local radicals, and most of them have taken a turn at the microphone of the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair!

Here's an all-star collection from the speakers' corner of the bookfair: Jello Biafra; Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti; author Christian Parenti (Lockdown America); author and punk rocker Craig O'Hara (The Philosophy of Punk); anti-prison activist and author Ruth Wilson Gilmore (Golden Gulag); and Emma Goldman Papers Project curator Barry Pateman cut loose on anarchism, art, prisons, politics and more, in a relaxed setting. 140 minutes of exclusive material.



A-1. "Anarchism, Commodity Culture and Global Capitalism" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti(4:30)
A-2. "The Gredy Blues" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti(2:57)
A-3. "Capitalism, Crisis And Managing the Threat of Poverty" by Christian Parenti(11:37)
A-4. "Punk, Poitics, Policing The Census and Handguns" by Craig O'Hara(14:30)
A-5. "Freedom, Direct Democracy and the Good Society" by Cindy Milstein(11:29)
A-6. "Anarchist Tension #1" by Barry Pateman(3:09)
A-7. "Anarchist Tension #2" by Barry Pateman(5:27)
A-8. "Culture, Freedom, Community & Possiblity" by Harry Britt(8:20)
A-9. "Outlaw Woman" by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz(4:16)
A-10. "George W. Bush Passes the Test" by Paul Krassner(3:03)
B-1. "We've Got a Bigger Problem Now: War. Terrorism & Beyong" by Jello Biafra(13:27)
B-2. "Death to the State" by Lawrence Ferlinghetti(2:49)
B-3. "Prison Abolition & Grassroots Organizing" by Ruthie Gilmore(8:10)
B-4. "Anarchist Chicana Women In History" by Elizabeth Martinez(12:55)
B-5. "Athiesm, Religion & Anarchism" by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz(3:21)
B-6. "Anarchist Tension #3" by Barry Pateman(3:19)
B-7. "Anarchist Tension #4" by Barry Pateman(5:15)
B-8. "Free Speech & Free Radio" by Stephen Dunnifer(4:52)
B-9. "Anarchism & the Black Revolution" by Lorenzo Komboa Ervin(14:31)
B-10. "The Anarchist Revolution" by Harry Britt(1:30)

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