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Machine Gun In The Clown's Hand
virus290 (2002) 3xCD - $14.00

At last the full, no holds barred, album on how the war on terrorism went terribly wrong and what we can do about it. Expands on The Big Ka-Boom, Part Onewith more in-depth details, plus a eye-brow raising recap of the Florida election Fraud Follies - complete with a trademark searing reply to anyone who still thinks Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the election (and just in time for this election!)

Jello Biafra releases his 7th spoken word album. Everyone who hears this will agree this is one of his finest and most entertaining releases ever. It contains material recorded during his spoken word performances over the past year, including up-to-the-minute dialog regarding the situation in Iraq. Probably his funniest release to date, where he busts out impersonations - from world leaders to his high school geometry teacher. Yet, humor aside, it is one of his most stirring and emotional albums. Jello talks about the Mid-East crisis, The War On Terrorism, Voting, Joey Ramone, Corporate Controlled Mass Media, Geneticaly Modified Food, Corporate Feudalism, Patriotism, The Energy Crisis, Dead Kennedys, Civil Liberties, George Bush I & George Bush II, The Spirit Of Seattle, more dirt on Florida, Darryl Cherney & Judi Bari, War Veterans,.....

Oh and wait until you see the cover image and the back-cover image. Artwork dreamt about by Jello and executed by world-class poster artist, Chuck Sperry; with his trademarked collage insert created by Chris Shaw. You'll probably want to get the LP version too - even if you don't have a turntable - just so you can have a larger version of the artwork.

Here is some info on this release as well as general information on Jello Biafra :

In-depth look at the "War On Terrorism"and the Florida election fiasco.

Spoken Word Album #7 by Jello Biafra

Jello Biafra was nominated by the Green Party to run for president of the United States Of America

Jello Biafra was the leader and creative force of Dead Kennedys and has collaborated with many other bands such as Nomeansno, D.O.A., Lard, and most recently served as part of the No W.T.O. Combo together with Krist Novoselic, Kim Thayil and Gina Mainwal.

Jello Biafra is the founder and owner of Alternative Tentacles Records - one of the oldest independent labels around, now in its 23rd year!

"Flat-out amazing! The former Dead Kennedys frontman is smart, snotty, and as merciless as ever in his analysis of present-day America.

... The most compelling aspect of this collection is how on-the-mark Biafra is in articulating his anger at the crooks who are currently running the USA. From John "Ashcrack" (whom Biafra points out is so odious that Missourians preferred to elect a dead guy) to Cheney, Rumsfeld and Pappy Bush, no guilty parties emerge unscathed."

- Anti-Flag, in Alternative Press



A-1. "The Big Ka-Boom, Parts 2-69" (4:35)
listen to "The Big Ka-Boom, Parts 2-69"   MP3 (4.2 MB)
A-2. "United We Scam" (7:03)
A-3. "Flogging the Infidels" (11:34)
A-4. "Honey, I Blew Up the World" (13:19)
A-5. "The Big Ka-Boom" (3:41)
listen to "The Big Ka-Boom"   MP3 (2.2 MB)
A-6. "The Pied Piper and the Damage Done" (14:32)
A-7. "Truth is Stranger than Hype" (7:21)
A-8. "The Terror of Tinytowm" (11:04)
B-1. "The Big Ka-Boom, Parts 70-666" (7:07)
B-2. "The Great Betrayal" (8:49)
B-3. "The Martyr That Would Not Die" (6:23)
B-4. "Propane and Propane Accessories" (4:38)
listen to "Propane and Propane Accessories"   MP3 (4.3 MB)
B-5. "Faith-Based Initiatives" (13:11)
B-6. "Fight Terror-Resist Corporations" (4:27)
B-7. "Be Patriotic -Fight the Government" (9:46)
B-8. "Beat Around the Burning Bush" (5:10)
listen to "Beat Around the Burning Bush"   MP3 (4.7 MB)
B-9. "Fight Crime - Make Mischief" (11:42)
C-1. "Cowboy Cornholio and the Sunshine State" (9:30)
C-2. "...And Gore Made Us Want to Ralph" (7:21)
C-3. "The Rolling Blackout Revue" (7:08)
C-4. "12 Steps to Corporate-Free Sobriety" (17:01)
C-5. "Joey Ramone" (5:45)
listen to "Joey Ramone"   MP3 (4.1 MB)

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