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New War On Terrorism
virus293 (2002) CD - $12.00

In his most anticipated lecture ever, US foreign policy expert Noam Chomsky dissects the "war on terrorism" focusing on the historical love-hate relationship between the United States and so-called terrorists. Facts neglected by news outlets and self-contradictions within US policies themselves serve as Chomsky's ammunition in his cutting analysis of why the atrocities of 9/11 occurred, and why military coercion won't end terrorism in our "homeland" and beyond.

2nd pressing fresh in!!

Other Info You May Find Interesting About Noam Chomsky :

NOAM CHOMSKY is bigger than most bands! His lectures draw 2000 people!

NOAM has done records with BAD RELIGION and CHUMBAWUMBA

NOAM has CDS (3) available on EPITAPH records

Noam Chomsky, Professor of Linguistics at MIT, is an esteemed author of popular books and CDs on US foreign policy, mass media, and linguistics.

Chomsky's book on 9/11 has been on bestseller lists of major newspapers such as NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, Village Voice and the Boston Globe.

Even major media outlets such as CNN who have been critiqued by Chomsky sought his opinions regarding the events of 9/11.

Previous lecture CDs by Chomsky have been staples at record stores and book stores including chain outlets such as Borders.

"This is a first-rate example of why Chomsky is an irreplaceable asset to the ever-narrowing American discourse. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, and thorough, yet he remains accessible and entertaining. If you're unfamiliar with Chomsky, this is an excellent introduction; if not, you'll enjoy hearing from an old ally."
- Anti-Flag, in Alternative Press



1. "Assumptions, Questions & Goals" (2:00)
2. "Afghanistan" (4:44)
3. "Attacks On the US" (1:36)
4. "Attacks By The West" (3:08)
5. "Terrorism And The War On Nicaragua" (7:29)
6. "Terrorism Works" (2:15)
7. "Freedom Fighters And Terrorist" (5:06)
8. "CIA & Terrorism" (6:02)
9. "Turning Against The Master" (3:15)
10. "Why Do They Hate Us?" (4:49)
11. "Combatting Terror" (4:19)
12. "International Relations & The Credibility Factor" (2:48)
13. "Sensible Terror, Enduring Freedom" (2:50)
14. "Reducing Terror, Enduring Freedom" (3:49)

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