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virus292 HOWARD ZINN
Artists In A Time Of War
virus292 (2002) CD - $12.00

In a lecture delivered on October 10, 2001, noted radical historian Howard Zinn provides an alternate perspective on war focusing on writers and artists such as Mark Twain and Langston Hughes. While blind patriotism dominates post 9/11 America, Zinn gently reminds us that pride in one's country comes not from the words and deeds of government, but from the actions of working people.

Did You Know That Howard Zinn :

Is a noted historian and author whose People's History of the United States has sold over 600,000 copies.

Is a regular contributor to alternative media publications such as The Progressive who seek his opinions on current events. uding chain outlets such as Borders.

"Zinn's appeal for an informed, engaged citizenry as a vital part of any democracy is only a starting point, as he tackles the question "What is the role of the artist or citizen in a time of war?" His call to activism and case for the necessity of dissent, especially in wartime, are compelling, humorous, and informed by the horror of past wars. From critiquing the abysmal failure of the mainstream media as they abdicate their duty to remain skeptical of government to examining just what patriotism is, this CD is an inspiring and thought-provoking listen.

- Anti-Flag, in Alternative Press



1. "The Artist And Society" (3:04)
listen to "The Artist And Society"   MP3 (2.6 MB)
2. "The Historian and Society" (4:03)
3. "Artists and Experts" (3:32)
4. "Standing In line" (4:36)
5. "Mark Twain On War" (2:36)
6. "Patriotism And Loyalty" (5:15)
7. "Artist And The Great War" (3:26)
8. "Eugene O'Neill And The Good War" (1:57)
9. "Langston Hughes, The US & Imperialism" (2:58)
10. "Catch 22" (6:42)
11. "Speaking Out" (4:01)
12. "Opposing War, Transcending Terror" (6:48)
13. "The Patriotic Thing To Do" (2:58)

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